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    ” One of these delusions is the idea of a caring, personal God who loves us. I can tell you with great certainty, no such being exists or has EVER existed. It is a mere invention. It is utter, utter nonsense. False hope is the very worst kind of hope. There is no saviour.”

    Have you been looking up in the clouds for that big old hairy geezer with a book in one hand and a thunderbolt in the other ? … What utter bullcrap you are spouting… Who in their right mind (apart from the occasional dogmatic fanatic) actually tries to believe nowadays that there is some sort of anthopomorphic, infinitely wise, saviour figure waiting to shower everyone with mercy and justice …

    Of course there is a GOD .. or whatever else you want to call it .. but it’s no use at all looking outside yourself for it. Go stand in front of a mirror .. dont look … SEE .. and there is your GOD .. right there .. staring you in the face. Until you can see through your almost incomprehensibly solid wall of ego-invented self-loathing and self-aggradisement as a result of your suffering, you will only see an arsehole .. but when you can see past all your own, ego-generated bullshit .. you will see the God that you are .. and that we all are .. and you will begin to RELY ON HIM for your salvation…

    … and your opinion of the Jesus-dude is just as sick .. Jesus was only a person who told others where to find their God … Unfortunatelyhis message has been distorted by progressive degenerative rewrites at the hands of the perpetrators of religious dogma, until the man has become the star and the message has become almost meaningless. Use your obvious intelligence and re-read your Jesus … he might also eventually tell you, perhaaps in kinder or more eloquent terms .. to pull your head out of your ass and look in some of the less shitty places inside yourself if you want to find your God …

    Dont expect me to waste any more of my time responding to any reply you might deign to provide. This was a one-off response, couched, especially for you, in the manner of the attitude you offer to everyone else .. your fate is in your hands .. stop waving it aboy for show and use it instead.

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    Dolores Canon YouTube.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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