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    Harleen Bajwa


    Twin Flames originate from the same essence or soul that was created by Father/Mother God in Divine Grace with the Source of all, that being, unconditional LOVE.

    That ONE essence of Soul signature/song divided itself into two equal and opposite halves in order to experience physical duality.

    In the beginning of creation as ONE SOUL, Twin Flames in their Sacred Union existed as a trinitized expression of the Divine Source of all that is. For the fullness of the Earth duality “game” they separated and became two distinct human beings, one carrying the masculine (yang) attributes of the Creator, and the other the feminine (yin), both in the exact equal and opposite frequency intonation. Perfect tonal polarity. DUALITY.

    The SACRED “enlightened” Twin Flame union transcends all limited forms of relating on this planet. Third dimensional relating can only be a limited egoic focus on another for fulfilment.

    The “enlightened” Twin Flame Reunion exists in order to be in absolute service to the Divine Plan, which becomes the only reality of the Twin Flames. The SACRED Twin Flame Reunion is a continual unified field automatically accessing higher frequencies of oneness acting as a bridge to the higher dimensions thus functioning as a single consciousness of ONE SOUL vibration/ frequency…..



    Hi Harleen Bajwa,

    Is there anything you want to know?



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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