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    Matt R

    I’ve been exploring spirituality a lot lately. My wife had a reading over the weekend and was told that I have a spiritual attachment (bad thing, right?) I then had a separate reading and was told almost immediately that I see shadows. Without getting into it, she was completely right as I have had unique spiritually dark (and sometimes light) experiences. She told me that I do not have an attachment of a negative spirit on me, but rather I go into dark places and attach myself to them. Also, around the same time, I had a dream that a teacher (unknown person to me) told me that I have a bright orange aura. I awoke at 333AM to this dream. I don’t know anything about any of this, but apparently 333 is a special number as well as the dream itself?

    Can someone with true knowledge offer me help? I am afraid to leave the dark energy behind me (I am a good person and get walked on a lot because of that). I think I attach to the dark energy to keep me grounded in light, if that makes sense??

    Help please! Thank you,


    Hi Matt,

    The only bad thing that I think you are doing is caring too much what other people say, including spiritual ‘authorities’. When you say things like “I was told”- never mind what you are told, what is true for you? what is true in your own experience? We have to be very careful I think because people all have their own interpretation of things. What you think they might mean might not be what they actually mean anyway, so why waste time thinking about it. I’ve noticed so many people who allow themselves to be drawn in by people who have ‘the answers’ when the fact is that the answers are inside YOU. If you get to the bottom of what most of the great spiritual masters that have walked the earth teach you will see they all say the same thing – that the kingdom of God is within, that your treasure is inside you, go within, seek it there. The more you look to external figures to decide on things in your own life you are simply giving away all your power. Your feelings are a good indicator of truth. How does it feel to be believing in all this stuff you are being told? I bet it’s causing you self-doubt, worry, feelings of inadequacy and a dependence on them for answers/guidance? Cut it off!

    You also have a misconception that many people have and I myself used to have – that being good leads to being walked on. No, being artificially nice/accommodating leads to being walked on. True goodness/kindness is highly misunderstood – that actually takes great strength and integrity. It comes from recognising that there is a need for kindness, and that might not always mean being nice per se, sometimes kindness can involve being very direct and assertive. You see it has to come from the right place inside you. If you are being ‘nice’ to avoid confrontation or if your being nice stops you from getting your own needs met then that is not being nice, that is being a victim. I have learned that what is truly right for me is right for the whole and what is wrong for me is wrong for the whole. If you are brave enough to walk your own path you will see this too. So please stop giving your power away to other people, unplug yourself from them. This may take some time, there’s no rush, but if you don’t you will continually be drained of your own energy and power and surely live a life filled with uncertainty and anxiety. That energy and power can be better directed to looking inside your own self for your own truth. This is what the Buddha did, this is what Jesus did…

    By the way, thanks, this has helped me clarify things for myself too.

    All the best,


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    I want to be clear that I come at this from a very dry early Buddhist point of view. Others will see things differently, this is just my view.

    I think this stuff, the shadows and darkness, the dreams, the special numbers, is just so much spiritual drama. Maybe you’re hanging out with some bad folk on some spiritual level. OK, well, so what? How is it different from hanging out with the wrong people on the bog standard human level? It’s not great, but that’s the situation we find ourselves in sometimes.

    If you’re afraid to let go of something, try to calm yourself. Practice observation of the breath. Practice the basics. Observe kindness, compassion, equanimity. Be un-impressed with your fear and your dreams and your spiritual attachments. It’s really not that important. Just walk the path. Continue letting go. Continue to investigate your mind and your emotions. Observe things arising and falling away. See the impermanence of all this stuff.

    There’s a book about Zen called “Sit down and shut up”, which I believe is the best title for a Zen book ever. (I haven’t read the book, I just love the title.) Sit down and shut up. It’s rude, but it’s actually good advice. Just sit, that’s all. Just practice. All this stuff is no big deal.

    I recognise this is probably not the kind of advice you were hoping for. I hope it will be of use to you. If not, know that I wish you wellness, happiness and spiritual freedom. Good luck on your path.

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