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    Sri Vidya

    Hi Midge,
    i really liked the way you have termed “Happy Habits”. Also appreciate the fact that you have replied to each and every post 🙂

    I too love walking in gardens and observing the clear sky a lot.. it helps me become very calm…
    Also, I thank on a daily basis for small small happiness in life.. that makes things more better for me 🙂
    and small things for which i am really grateful about..
    Listening to music and talking to my close ones is also a happy habit I have 🙂


    Wow Midge, it is so inspiring the way you take time to answer everyones comments here! Acknowledgement is definitely a happy habit!

    – I love to read to my children while Jazz is playing in the background
    – I am a cleanliness addict and always feel uplifted when my space is sparkling
    – Cuddling with my husband talking about the day thats passed till I fall asleep 🙂
    -Watching my babies sleeping and listening to them breathing soundly, I just stand there and thank the universe for my beauties
    -Writing is a great love of mine as well!


    Hello, Sri,

    I am sensing that nature and music seem to be universal accomplices in helping to create happy habits. And I am sure these have been ongoing parts of our human habits for a long, long time now.

    I appreciate your mentioning of being thankful for the “small small happiness” in life. That, I believe, makes up our everyday sort of happiness. The occasional celebrations (holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) bring opportunities for happiness too, but it’s the little things we think, say, and do in life that make up our happiness.

    Thanks for joining in on this happy little conversation.



    I am a “neat freak” too! I truly believe a clean, clutter-free environment positively affects our minds.

    And, oh!, I remember just watching my little ones sleep—I still do despite the fact that they’re now full grown. Seeing those we love in peaceful moments is beautiful to behold.

    And what I’ve learned about writing is that the process is what I enjoy. I used to think that other people needed to find value or interest in it for it to be worthy. Now I know that I’m the one who cherishes it while I’m writing.

    Thanks for these wonderful words, and I agree with you about acknowledgement. I suspect a lot of people would be a little happier if they felt acknowledged and listened to and heard.



    I call my mum regularly. Not only do I get to talk to her, but also my 3 year old nephew who is usually with her in the morning.
    i take a shower and spend just a little bit longer shampooing my hair, and combing it out while I condition. I might even shave my legs.
    I listen to a guided meditation. I’m a guided meditation junkie!


    My Happy habits include:

    1) Smiling at kids while walking on the road. It makes me forget all the pain and sorrows. That moment gives me immense joy.
    2) Spending time in nature
    3) Meeting old friends
    4) Gardening
    5) Last but not the least, readings lotz of self development books.

    With Love,


    Hi, Allyson,

    What a loving mum/daughter/nephew connection! And self care is splendid, isn’t it. Do you have a favorite guided meditation to share?

    Thanks for sharing your happy habits with us.


    Hi, Sush,

    Your happy habits warm my heart, especially the first one listed. Immense joy is wondrous to behold.

    Reading your happy habits gives me immense joy. Thank you for sharing them.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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