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    What simple, little happy habits do you practice?

    Are there simple, little things you say or do to bring happiness to yourself and others? Do you have suggestions that take very little time, energy, preparation or materials?

    Please share your suggestions.



    1. Just watch the evening sky when the stars are about to twinkle…..and that take very little effort….
    2. clean a small corner of your own house…..it feels like removing the chaos from life
    3. Just go and smile at a stranger…the return smile is so elevating
    4. say thanks to god


    I appreciate your ideas, Somu.

    Lately, I’ve enjoyed see the bats that fly out and twinkle along with those stars. And I’ve always felt this way about cleaning—it’s sometimes quite cleansing. I often make eye contact (it’s preferred in the culture in which I live) and smile at passersby. And, yes, they almost always smile in return. Once in a while, someone will look at me like I’m weird, but that’s okay with me. And saying and giving thanks brings happiness simply through appreciation.

    Wow! Thanks for these simple, little happy ideas!


    Hi Midge. I enjoyed your article very much and it gave me much food for thought. I think I already have some “happy habits” but didn’t realise it. I enjoy spending time just sitting in my garden watching the trees and the grass – spending time in nature always makes me happy. I cuddle my cat. I light incense and candles. I take long warm baths. I listen to music. Thank you for the reminder to do these things more often and appreciate them more! x Vanessa

    Surej kumar-s

    Sitting lonley, hearing musics, reading a good books, sitting with family


    Sakyong Mipham has some very practical advice to rouse confidence, but I also find it helps me find tranquility. If I ever feel out of sorts, I look to these five things to see if I’m neglecting any of them. It’s deceptively simple, but very powerful stuff.

    1) Clean-up your room
    2) Wear nice clothes – not expensive clothes, but clothes that make you feel good and comfortable
    3) Eat good food – not necessarily organic or ultra healthy, but food that tastes good and nourishes your body
    4) Spend time with people who make you feel uplifted. Stop being with those who make you feel diminished or make you doubt yourself.
    5) Spend time in the natural world – go to the park, for a hike, or just sit in your backyard


    There is a lot of stuff that sometimes makes me happy but I’ll share the one thing that almost always brings me a little happiness. Every night since I was a kid I have been on this adventure as I fall asleep. It all takes place in a fantasy world I made up. As I am lying in bed it’s like I visit my friends and people I love in this world. Of course I know they are all made up but I have going there for so long it feels like a real place. No matter where I go or where I am at, I can always find comfort there.


    Something I’ve started lately that gives me a little boost is saying thank you to the bus driver when I get off at my stop. It’s a little gesture that shows you appreciate their work, plus I always get a “you’re welcome” or “have a nice day” back!


    Thank you for listing these simple happy habits, Surej. I practice all of these too. I appreciate both solitude and togetherness. I wish I had more time for reading good books. And my family is fantastic!


    You know, sitting in solitude and nature seems to be a happy habit of many of us. What do you think it is about nature that is so grounding? I’ve met people who didn’t like being out in nature. I find this interesting. Wow! You have such happy habits, Vanessa. And you brought me happy memories of my kitty friend. Smiles!


    I have copied this happy list, and will refer back to it often. It is mindful and practical.
    Thank you!


    Hello, Tera,

    This is one of the happiest comments I’ve read in a long time. WOW-za! Have you written stories about your adventures? What do you think about sharing them? Or maybe they’re yours alone. What an imaginative happy habit!

    Thanks for sharing this comment.


    This is such a simple yet profound happy habit. Those bus drivers must light up when they see you awaiting them.
    Thank you for sharing this kindness practice.

    Nisha Chandra

    There is one habit that can bring peace and happiness in our life.Let’s disconnect ourselves from the hustle of life as often as possible. Take a walk of nature. Look around for the gifts that nature has readily offered us all the time. Admire its beauty and in these moments of disconnect, forget what happened in the past and stop planning for the future. Be in the present watching sunset or sensing the cold wind or feeling the laughter of loved ones. In these moments don’t judge, don’t grieve don’t get excited just feel the calmness of nature bringing tranquility in our heart mind and soul.I have recently read an article on this and it be helpful for everyone.



    Hello, Nisha,

    Yes, disconnecting from the busy-ness of everyday business is good. Sometimes, when I’m indoors, I just turn off items and pull power cords too. The quietness is calming. And being outdoors in nature is one of my daily (sometimes several times a day) happy habits.

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