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    Matt Turner

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to share something I hope is positive that happened to me this week.

    I believe a random act of kindness is infectious, and by sharing a recent experience of mine, I hope it influences you to share it with others.

    I was sat on the train on my way home from work last night, when a young couple opposite me caught my eye. They were having an argument, but at the same time trying not to draw attention to themselves. From what I could make out, the guy was saying some pretty horrible things to his girlfriend.

    After around 5 minutes of this, he gave up berating her and closed his eyes to take a nap. She then spent the next few minutes looking into space, tears welling up in her eyes, thinking and reflecting. She then put on some headphones and placed her head in her hands. She kept this pose for the remainder of my journey.

    During this time, my heart and head were racing. What should I do!? I felt I had to do something. Somebody was alone, in distress, looking like they needed support.

    It’s a brave thing to speak out, but I hurriedly scanned through the possible options open to me. Should I confront her boyfriend? Should I console her? Should I mention it to the person sat next to me to garner some opinion? Did they even see it? Or simply, should I do nothing? That’s was the easiest option and the one everybody else seemed to choose.

    As I approached my train stop, I made my move. I lightly touched the woman’s arm to catch her attention. When she lifted her head and opened her reddened eyes, I looked into them and simply said, as lovingly as possible, “Are you OK?” She smiled, and in a soft thankful voice, said “Yes, thank you”.

    You see, sometimes that’s all somebody needs. To be acknowledged. To be heard. To know, that a random stranger feels their pain. A random act of kindness, however small, makes a big difference.

    Today she may reflect on what happened. She may replay the scene and realize what I saw. She may just step outside of herself and notice what’s showing up in her relationship. She may just make a change.

    When you are out and about today and see an opportunity for a random act of kindness, however small, take it! If we all do it, every day, then the world begins to change.

    Please share this with others and let’s change the world, one random act of kindness at a time. Thank you.


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    That was lovely Matt. Thank you for sharing. I totally believe that acts of kindness have a hugely positive effect and encourage others to do the same. Xx.


    This is wonderful! I have so many times been in a situation like that where I have wanted to do something – known that I could do something to help someone who is suffering – but could not decide on the “right” course of action and so many times defaulted on doing nothing. I am glad that you did not continue second guessing yourself and instead took action! If you have the right intention then it follows that our intention will guide us safely home, does it not? Thanks for sharing.

    Matt Turner

    Thank you, I appreciate your comments and feedback.



    I love this story – you may have changed her life by giving her hope, and that is awesome.


    I loved reading this. I’m always trying to do small acts of kindness to random people. Taking a cart back for an older person at the store so they don’t have to walk back again. Letting someone go ahead of me when I see they have very little and I will take a while. Telling someone that it will be ok when I see them down. Buying the person behind in me in line at Starbucks’ coffee.I also love to bake so baking a cake and surprising someone with one. It never seems like much but if I put a smile on someones face that’s all that matters because I know how much I appreciate kind things being done for me.

    Matt Turner

    Hi guys!

    It’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve been experiencing some interesting things around family lately. With the holiday season upon us, I thought my latest blog post might help some of you at this time. It’s certainly given me a focus!

    Much love,


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