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    Warren Cassell Jr

    Mother nature teaches us a lot. What have you learned from animals and plants?


    Dear Reader/ Warren Cassell Jr (May 2013)

    I learned from animals and plants that
    1) I am an animal.
    2) I was once not alive and I will be no longer alive.
    3) My biological purpose is to physically survive until I reproduce (and am now at 54 biologically obsolete)
    4) What goes in must come out (and how can any human claim he or she is NOT an animal after a successful bathroom visit???)
    5) Everyone likes to eat; nobody likes to be eaten.
    (The only exception I know to this is a human I read about in Germany, who was voluntarily eaten by another).
    6) Self interest is necessary for survival and surviving well. No animal survives by being a saint (selfless and such insanity).
    7) When social, it must be a win-win for the individual and group.
    8) Anything at all we eat we have to kill (vegans kill plants!!!)
    9) Emotions are necessary for survival, for protection, for the search for food, for mating, for communicating with others for the benefit of the individual and the group.
    10) It is never too late to answer an unanswered thread.



    I come to understand that all nature” plays a pacific role” in our universe”… From the biggest thing such as the sun”… to the most miniature thing as a pebble”.. Elephant” to a Bee- hummingbird”… (Bee- hummingbird ) look it up” really cool!

    Nature has a sad/ funny/ wild/ lovable/ way of showing us unique things, rhythms and set patterns of life” to learn” from…while also enjoying it at the same time.

    Animals are no different” then we are. They protect/ mate/ kill/ struggle/ group/ use strategy/ eat/ and play.
    Just as we come in different shapes and sizes, and from all over the world, so do animals and plants”.

    Nature sustains” us for what we need. Such as our ways of living, how we design” things based off nature. Homes/ vehicles/ clothing/ food/ medicine/ war/ survival… And the unknown set for us to explore”.

    I have come to learn that we all have a part” in it. And that we are not in control”. Giants” but only a mere spec” in the universe of nature.

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    Nature” is also used throughout time till this very day, as a form of symbolism” in many cultures and is a big part of society”..
    meaning ( sports/ art/ music/ religion/ philosophy/.

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    I smiled so warmly when i saw your post 🙂
    Mother nature opened my eyes in such a beautiful way. The thing i learnt from her is…
    1) She let me see life in her view
    2) Trees have feelings too!
    3) Trees suffers
    4) The earth are dying
    5) Compassion to all livings
    6) Oneness, we are all connected, we will die and return back to mother earth and becomes fertiliser.
    7) Happiness
    8) Less is more
    9) I understand magic exists in life such as rainbow, flowers, beautiful animals, morning and night, sun rise and sunset, the fogs, fire… everything is magical
    10) Wisdom… you can resonate with so many things by just observing nature
    11) See things for it really is, not what you think it is
    12) Acceptance
    13) Letting go
    14) Solitude
    15) True love
    16) Silence is golden
    17) Empathy
    18) Energy
    19) Philosophy
    20) Self love

    I think i can go on forever, but most i mentioned i don’t say specially why she made me understand acceptance or true love and letting go, because i would be sitting here all night writing about it hahah! But she is my belief, I am buddhism but i think Nature is my religion, i believe in her lessons. She is just… i cant have a word to describe her, she is so big in my eyes. I am so small but i felt so big when i love her.
    Hippy at heart, she let me in her world and helped me understand life in a magical, gentle way. I felt so honoured and special.
    Unfortunately, i am unable to feel that these days 🙂 But i will never forget the feelings i have had the opportunity to share with her.


    An interesting topic!

    From looking at sunsets, I guess that reminds me of the impermanence of all things, and nothing staying the same. Looking at the colours in the sky, the sunlight streaming through dark clouds, it’s like looking at a spectacular painting in the sky, but it will be gone afterwards. There won’t be another like it (and silly me forgot the camera again). That kind of makes me have to be present and take it all in. I can be in a state of no thinking. I know I sound silly but I get really geeky when it comes to sunsets!


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