What should I name my Business about self actualization?

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    I currently own a blog called mindful young man(, but I’ve grown out of that name as I see it as pretty egotistical, saying that I AM THE MINDFUL YOUNG MAN. It’s sort’ve saying I am the center of attention and I live a really mindful life, look at me!

    Because of that, I’m changing the name of my website and need to change the domain also. I need some help coming up with a business name. I already write about meditation, mindfulness, happiness, etc.

    I’m also looking to write about enlightenment and especially every topic relating to self actualization. I want to find a name that also has a domain available.

    Any ideas?

    I thinking about using words/phrases such as

    • actualization
    • illusion of self
    • psychology
    • consciousness
    • sage
    • reality
    • truth
    • awakening
    • happiness
    • insights
    • insightful
    • enlightened
    • enlightening
    • enlightenment
    • turning inward
    • fulfillment
    • lifestyle
    • awaken(ing)

    Thanks in advance.



    Touchstones and Well Springs. It has a Zen-like feel to it. I think. Read about each. If anything please let me know your honest opinion on it.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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