What’s one worry you’ll allow to fall away today?

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    I’m a worrier. I worry about little things and great things. I worry about unfed kittens. I worry about unloved children. I worry about our unprotected planet.

    Mostly, they’re a mum’s worries. If you’re a mum, I don’t need to tell you my worries—you already know them.If you’re not a mum, you’ll likely wonder why I worry so about such things. (I’m working on it, my worried mind.)

    I’ve been worrying a long time now. It’s time to rest from my worries. I’m ready to allow them fall away, one at a time. Today, each time a worried thought comes, I’ll simply let it go.

    What’s one worry you’ll allow to fall away today?

    Vincent Nguyen

    One of my worries is that I won’t grow fast enough. I always have this expectation of myself to break new ground on a daily basis in 1,000 different ways! It’s draining, it really is.

    I’m scared that one day, this mindset will eat at me and I will just simply stop growing as a result.


    One worry I will let fall away today is worrying I will not get a better job.  I have been working full time now for two years as a secretary and have grown to be very unsatisfied with it.  I have been applying to multiple jobs, three have responded with interviews, but all three either pay below what I can survive on or they are only part time.  So today I will just be grateful for what I have and not worry about tomorrow.


    Hello, Vincent,

    Thanks for answering this simple little question – and I see that your answer is a complex big one.

    I think we tend to set expectations for ourselves, even regular daily goals, but then forget that the process of growth is varied and fluid.

    One day we may fall asleep secure in the knowing that we “got it” or “made it” today because the results were so obvious, but on another day we may wonder what went wrong, what we were thinking, and why we didn’t do and achieve “such and such”.

    We forget that in each moment situations and circumstances change, people change, we change, life changes, lessons change, and everything changes. With variables like these, this impermanence in life, we cannot expect very much of what we set out to expect to happen. We simply intend.

    Some days, many moments, I believe, are just here to be experienced, free from the expectations of breaking new ground or learning 1.000 new noticeable things. And on these days and in these moments, we’re growing at exactly the rate we’re growing. We’re truly growing.

    Vincent, I’ve appreciated your contributions to Tiny Buddha’s new forums. Many thanks, and smiles!



    Hi, Jessica,

    That is a big worry to allow to fall away. Wow! to you.

    I’ve experienced job worry more times than I’d care to remember right now – but I do recall that it’s one worry that rises up to meet you each day, climbs into bed with you at night, and sometimes is the stuff of nightmares.

    What are some things you do for yourself, you say to yourself to allow the worry to fall away?

    May the work you appreciate be,


    Dear Midge and fellow “tiny buddhas”,

    Midge, I love how you used “allow to fall away”, rather than “try to fix”. When we look at “fixing” something within us, it can often feel like a race we can never win….thee is always something new to fix, some new “deficit”, but your “allow to fall away” feels to me like a leaf that is allowing a water droplet to just fall away when it’s time. Me likey 🙂

    @ Vincent: I TOTALLY relate to that Vincent! It is addictive but exhausting looking to the blogosphere for validation as a writer. Maybe we should start a support group here for this? What say you? BTW, love your blog!

    I’m trying to let fall away the worry that my younger brother, who is struggling, will not be happy….but also trying to remind myself that happiness itself is relative and to enjoy him for this moment

    Hugs to all our worries and I hope we can learn to let them fall away naturally.



    Hello, Kavetha,
    Yes, loving others without worrying about them is difficult to do sometimes. To watch others struggle, when our minds and hearts want to jump right in and save them, or at least ease their suffering, is so natural. It is compassion and love that we must show, not worry. Yes, happiness is relative and we must allow others to seek theirs.


    I am in a similar situation Jessica, Keep your head up, when the right thing comes along you’ll know it. The best time to look for work is when you already have it 🙂 So continue to be thankful & postive and the rest will fall into place.


    I’ve heard that before, Samantha, the best time to look for work is when you already have it. About ten years ago I was out of work for a year. Just when I finally stopped fretting over it, a job was offered to me.

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