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    Do you have anyone (family, friends, celebrities, etc) that you admire and want to take lessons from? For me, that person is Gordon Ramsay. He is dedicated, hard working, passionate, bold, determined, and (despite how it looks on TV), caring. I am timid and find it hard to be passionate about anything. He is definitely an inspiration to me.


    My inspiration is my mother. I love the way she stays constant in every situation. She never got changed or never started treating someone different because of their mistakes or something like that. I love her will power. She’s always strong no matter how hard the things get. I haven’t found anyone like her. I feel she’s the one in million.


    Hello Simon,

    I’m surprised to find that you are inspired by Gordon Ramsay, but even more surprised because I know who that is. Haha You have mentioned some great qualities about him.

    I’m inspired by my friend in college. She is on the rowing team as she has worked very hard at it being a walk on. She also works very hard in her academic life and is a good friend.


    I have this coworker who I really admire. She’s beautiful, kind, and incredible gentle in spirit. She’s several years older than me, in her early 30’s – and she’s totally my idol. She seems so content in her skin and in her life. She has hobbies, and an amazing dog, and is almost totally fulfilled.

    I admire her commitment to herself/health/and emotional and spiritual wellbeing, her commitment to sending off positive vibes, and her commitment to living the life she wants to live regardless if the right guy comes along or not.

    We’re totally different people, but when I talk to her, I think to myself: “I want to be like that”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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