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    Purpose and theodicy are two of the biggest questions we’ll probably ask ourselves. But they are essentially unanswerable questions, particularly the latter one. However, in my searching I have come to realise that the one and only reason for us being here, is to suffer. It’s our raison d’etre, if you like. So I cannot really understand why Buddhism seeks to deny this basic fact. For me, Buddhism is only really useful in enclosed monasteries, where one can meditate without distraction. In the outside world, there are just TOO many distractions, and when one does enter a blissful state, one doesn’t stay in it very longer for fear of what others might think or say, particularly family, or through the constant fear of being distracted. So one snaps out of it rather quickly. Which makes the whole thing rather pointless. Another useless facet of meditating in the outside world is that, sooner or later, you are going to have to ‘come down’ from your ‘high vibe’ state. Back into the ‘low vibe’ ‘real world’. So this is the sham nature of Buddhism pushed by spiritual snake oil salesmen. It just cannot be done to their level in the ‘real world’, there are just too many distractions.

    So, I find myself agreeing with the Satanist outlook on life. If we are here to suffer, we should embrace it. And I mean, really embrace it. Eat low vibe food, drink low vibe drink (especially alcohol), take drugs, wail, scream, despair, embrace carnality. For this is the world that was created for us. It was created to be hard and mean. It was created to make spirituality difficult in the extreme, and it was created to cause a general ignorance so great that trying to cut through it is like banging on toughened, soundproofed glass. Fuck the Dalai Lama and his utterances. Live in the real world and stop trying to escape it.

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    I’m extremely sorry to say that you give me the impression of someone who is railing against ‘watered down’ or ‘pseudo’ Buddhism based on a flawed understanding of what it actually is. Firstly, I recognize and respect your right to your own opinion – you don’t have to like Buddhism, it makes 0 difference to me whatsoever. However having said that, there are some things you have said that I would like to respectfully address and correct.

    You said Buddhism “seeks to deny the basic fact that….we are here to suffer” – my friend this is the FIRST NOBLE TRUTH OF BUDDHISM! Far from denying this fact, the Buddhists recognize that suffering is universal! So this is flaw no.1 with your diatribe against this philosophy. To your point about meditation, you are correct, there are a lot of distractions in the outside world, but the whole point of meditation is to find peace within, so you can manifest it without. Buddhism does not require anyone to attain and stay in an enlightened state forever – even Guatama Buddha only remained enlighted for a short period of time before this state passed from his being – FOR EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY.

    Buddhism expects you to come back to this “low vibe” existence – but that doesn’t mean you loose the peace and serenity gained by attaining an enlightened state (albeit however brief)).

    If you would honestly like to engage further on this topic I would be happy to do so, but I get the sense that you came here specifically to troll a community called TinyBuddha with your mistaken and woefully wrong impression of the simple tenents of Buddhism.

    So if this is your purpose – please don’t come back, leave us be and you can continue with your life.



    Yeah, I ‘ll leave you all be to discuss your relationship problems, because that is seemingly the only topic of conversation allowed on here.

    I just don’t see the point of meditation outside of a monastery or temple. Sooner or later, some tw*t is going to ruin your day and undo all the work you’ve put in. Society at large tends to ridicule meditation and yoga, which further proves my point. This is why I believe some ‘gurus’ are making a lot of money fooling the public into buying their books in the belief that they too can meditate and find peace. Which is crap, because to do it properly in the ‘real world’ you should live alone with no distractions such as closed-minded, materialistic family members. I have tried to meditate but couldn’t really quiet my mind long enough for fear of being disturbed/discovered by someone and ridiculed by them.




    “I just don’t see the point of meditation outside of a monastery or temple. Sooner or later, some tw*t is going to ruin your day and undo all the work you’ve put in.”

    Kind of what you’re attempting here, it seems. Based on the things you described, specifically mentioning being ridiculed by family, more than once, leads me to believe ththat you have a complex relationship with your own family or friends, or general social anxiety that makes you concerned with being taken as a fool, that’s hindering your ability to meditate. The only reason to meditate may be a means of escapism, yet the very cause is hindering it.

    What I mean to say is, it may not be the answer to your current situation, there may be some self image issues, whether inflicted by others or yourself, you need to address.



    Cleanse your third eye, cleanse your chakras, cut negative people from life, consume cruelty free food, high vibe drinks (kale smoothies) …..if needed move to a new city ….you have only one life to lead ….sending healings




    I have had a bad experience where family is concerned. I had a full blown spontaneous and unbidden Kundalini awakening in which I could (and still can) feel invisible beings around me. I got scared and tried to tell my family about it but they called me a liar. I also went to my parish priest about it on three separate occasions but he too wouldn’t believe me, and as a result I now have a deeply ingrained Cassandra Complex. I now just try to ignore it, keep it secret and live as normal life as I can. No doubt you will probably think I have some sort of mental problem, in which case you’ll prove my point about closed minds, so thanks. Lots of things have happened: I have done spontaneous and unbidden kriyas and mudras at night, have had things enter my consciousness which referenced Pagan gods (Diana of Ephesus certainly put a lot of effort in to make herself known), I seem to get anxious on or around a full moon, and regularly have waves of energy flowing through me. But as to what it is all about, I haven’t a clue . So yeah, I have issues.



    Dear Tannhauser


    I respect your words and understand your feelings about the way of living. You might be talking so true about the buddhism and meditation, but before making it a statement please make sure that do you truely believe it.

    My very little advice is to try to go with the way of buddhism once, for few months with full of your energy. Who knows it will work not even in the monastry but outside like in the crowdy market too. And if you didn’t get any lead from the meditation taught by buddhism then you can say no to this religion with the 100% enthusiasm.

    I remember a story of guy who didn’t know how to swim but telling people that swimming has bad effects on body. I am not sure if that guy is right or wrong, but i must say he should jump once to know the truth.

    Again, you might be right about your “buddhism is nonsense” words. But I want you to be more(100%) sure about it. And trust me, then everybody will not just listen you but understand you.






    Hello Ramandeep,

    Please ignore my foolish comments concerning Buddhism. I actually have great respect for Lord Buddha and the Buddhist philosophy. I was going through a bad time in my life when I made those rather provocative comments. I was an angry person. But now I see that there is truth in all religions and they have similar core beliefs. It is the human dogmas which are divisive.

    Thank you for your helpful comments.

    Best wishes,



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