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    I, like many others, am a worrier by nature. I have always been to some extent, but lately, as I’ve gotten older and I’ve grown to understand the challenges our future country/world are very likely to endure, I cannot seem to relax with those thoughts.
    It does not help that I am pregnant with my first child and fear he will be brought into a very dark, hard life. I have been doing my best to not worry while he is growing inside me but the fear I feel is very strong.
    I do not trust the media or what we are being told. I do look for my information elsewhere and feel that there are so many lies we are being told and that very soon things will get harder for the majority of the world and for people in my country and I worry about lack of food/water and with the lack of those things comes chaos and violence. I worry about FEMA camps and massive deaths. My husband tells me when I get an idea in my head I grasp it and run with it and believe it to be true. But how can I not when I have read dozens of different articles from different sources that predict that this will happen in the near future? When you also can see society changing right before our very eyes?
    Whats worse is that I feel my spirituality has gone down in the last year or so, due to personal challenges and I have been trying very hard to get it back. I used to have a comfort in whatever happens is God’s plan and to just trust it. I’m trying to have that thought bring me some relief, but knowing that there could be this possibility that in the future, I may or may not be able to feed my child or have a safe place to sleep and that absolutely frightens me! I also am constantly worrying about losing my husband and not only does that sadden me to no end, but I also worry on having to face this new world that is coming alone. I feel I am not strong enough. And that is my problem I believe. I feel that I am not strong enough in anyway at the moment. I cannot feel my faith, fear is keeping me paralyzed and I do not feel I am a secure enough person to handle hard times ahead.
    Does anyone else have these fears? Does anyone please have any ideas on how to calm myself down and begin to trust myself more while accepting what may come in the future? I feel that I cannot have this talk with very many people in my life because many think I am just paranoid, but I really don’t feel I am. I feel no one understands. I feel I am not enjoying the present because I am so worried about the future, I feel I need to constantly think about it to prepare and I am driving myself crazy. Any thoughts and ideas would be helpful. Thank you so much. Peace and Love!

    Scott Cline

    I read that worry is imagining things to be afraid of. Is there something beautiful in your life? A colorful tree? Your baby’s heartbeat? For every fear, there is a beauty to be found. Arrange your life, starting close and working outwards, so that where you have fear you seek beauty. Just like no one can steer a train, you cannot control events by worrying about them – but you can create events! If articles on the Internet fuel your fear, unplug yourself, plant a vegetable garden, and lay away preserves – exchange online reaction for real life action. The life and soil of gardening will calm you even as you are putting food away for the future, taking action. Your positive actions will bring positive reactions. You won’t be able to suppress your fears, but you can accept them and use them for energy to take care of yourself, your baby, your husband, and whoever else relies upon your strength.


    Thank you so much. I love the way you put this. It did make me feel better. I love having advice and support from others. Thank you. 🙂


    Scott is right. Your worries are stemming from all the negative focusing you’re doing. There is always something to be thankful for. Yes there maybe a lot of death and destruction taking place but there is a lot of good people out there working for a good cause. There is still a lot of good in this world and I believe that it outweighs the bad, the problem is the good that’s been done is not given enough light as the bad. Media solely focuses on the negativity. So its easy to think that the world is bad place. If you can try to get in touch with groups that are working to for a good cause (it could be charity, animal rights, conserving the environment). Meet with them and see how you can also contribute. We can all make a difference, no matter how small our actions are. Worrying gets you no where but when you start focusing on the things to be grateful for you can shift your focus and do something productive with it. It doesnt have to be anything big, start off small like switching off a light bulb that you dont need or turning the tv off and going out side for a walk.

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