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Bri is an author, social worker, yoga instructor, single mama, and cat mom. Her blog is Eclectic Purpose. The intention behind Eclectic Purpose is to empower us all to explore extensions of our unique gifts; become more intimate with our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies; improve our relationships with ourselves and others; discover everyday practices and rituals that feel supportive; and to contribute if we feel called. All while still being 100% human.

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My New Goal: To Believe in My Inherent Worth

“I have inherent worth. It cannot be raised by my strengths or lowered by my weaknesses or defects of character.” ~Pia Melody

Perhaps you’ll resonate with the way I am feeling as of late: I tell myself I am enough. I have always been enough, just as I am, without doing anything at all. But I struggle to accept this truth without feeling like I have to earn it. Like I have to take a zillion steps for self-care, accomplish a certain number of goals, or do enough things to win validation from other people.

I believe at the …