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Jamie Greenwood is the founder of, where well-meaning, control-freak women come for shots of strength and lightening bolts of truth. Jamie is also the creator of Just F*cking Eat It, an online program that helps women stop second-guessing food and start trusting their bodies.

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What Are You Practicing—Self-Judgment or Self-Compassion?

“You are what you practice most.” ~Richard Carlson

“What are you practicing?” she asked in a gentle, lilting voice.

The entire class was in triangle pose, and at that moment I was comparing my triangle to the young woman’s right …

A Broken Heart Is an Open Heart

“A broken heart is not the same as sadness. Sadness occurs when the heart is stone cold and lifeless. On the contrary, there is an unbelievable amount of vitality in a broken heart.” ~Elizabeth Lesser

“I love you but I’m …