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After more than 15 years of holding on tightly to her job in non-profit development, Melissa Moore has recently launched out on her own (www.melissamooreconsulting.com), determined to use her experience to help create positive change in the world. She lives with her husband & three children in western Michigan and blogs at www.animperfectheart.com.

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Embrace Fear and Find Your Center: Riding With No Hands

“Some people think it’s holding that makes one strong—sometimes it’s letting go.” ~Unknown

My mom leaned in and gave me a goodnight kiss. The only light illuminating her face was coming from the hallway. I looked up at her, and in the confidence of the dark confessed, “I saw it.”

“It” was my birthday present, waiting patiently for me to wake up in the morning and claim it from its place in the garage. “It” was a turquoise blue Stingray bicycle with a white pleather banana seat and an extra tall sissy bar.

I’d seen it by chance, tucked back …