Still, a Meditative Reflection of Music and Silence, Performed by Rhonda Rizzo

“Still”—a meditative exploration of music and silence. Written by Dana Libonati and performed by me, Rhonda Rizzo, this tender piano solo is a short, beautiful reminder of the things that truly matter in life: friendship, compassion, and the gift of music.

In this piece I hear all the years of friendship I’ve shared with Dana Libonati—how he helped me through my divorce, how I was there as he battled cancer, and how we’re connected by our shared passion for music, spirituality, and telling the truth.

About Rhonda Rizzo

Rhonda Rizzo is a performing and recording pianist and author. She has released four CDs, Made in America, Oregon Impressions: the Piano Music of Dave Deason, 2 to Tango: Music for Piano Duet, and A Spin on It, and has written numerous articles and a novel, The Waco Variations. She blogs about and records new music at

Excavating My True Self, by Tori Press

This is a drawing about the layers we build around ourselves, the way we bury our true selves so deeply and effectively beneath the surface that we can become lost even to ourselves.

We start at the top, at the outermost layer that everyone can see—your groomed and cultivated external appearance, over which you have control and with which you can make a statement about who you are. Below that, you’re influenced by the culture in which you live, the unconscious messaging you may have been absorbing for years of your life, your personal experiences, the beliefs and biases you’ve formed about the world, the way you speak to yourself in your own head—often without even realizing It. 

I’ve learned that clinging to any of the upper layers means clinging to a version of myself that’s not authentic, that’s not real. Whether I am latching onto the belief that I am my most superficial, carefully curated, external self, or to the more subtle, sinister, and convincing belief that I’m all the things my self-talk says I am—either way, I am not seeing my authentic self.

My true self is that quietly steady part of me that is the observer, the voice separate from any perception or influence. The part that has always known itself, but may have forgotten itself or experienced fear in revealing itself to the outside world. 

About Tori Press

Tori Press is a freelance artist and writer who focuses on mental health, mindfulness, and self-compassion. Her drawings about the joys and struggles of the human experience have been featured in several publications, including the Huffington Post and A Plus. Tori lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband and two children. Visit her at and on Instagram.

Love, Child, Love, by Leslie Ralph

Nature always leaves me filled with awe and feeling so much closer to my truest self. In nature, I see that freedom and peace are possible for me. I’ve been thinking a lot about fear and freedom lately, and any way I look at it, I come to the same conclusion that the way through fear to freedom is love. Love is the first step and the final destination when we’re seeking clarity, healing, or self-discovery.

The words Love, Child. Love. came to me while journaling one day. They were not my own words but resonated with me deeply and have since inspired much of my recent art and writing. As I reflected on these words, it seemed to me that these are the words of Mother Earth herself. This is what nature’s saying when I’m in awe of her presence, and these are her instructions on finding true freedom in my life.

About Leslie Ralph

Leslie is writer and artist who hopes to leave the world a little brighter than she found it. Her people are soul-searchers, deep feelers, and big-hearted dreamers that crave inner peace and inner truth. Download her free ritual for receiving to bring true healing, inner peace, and lasting joy into your life.

Stop Breathe Let Go, a Short Film by Tiffany Bellinger

I conceived the idea for “Stop Breathe Let Go” after I attended my first breathwork class in Atlanta. I didn’t know what to expect from breath work, but I assumed it was in the same family as meditation, so I gave it a shot. By the end of the class I felt as light as a feather. My mind was clear and I was feeling the love. At this point, I was curious to try other practices that used the breath as an anchor to connect with my true feelings. Something that helps us stop, breathe, and let go. Ding, ding, ding!

To keep the production simple, I used an iPhone and collaborated with a talented animator. The film screened at the Awareness and REEL Recovery Film Festivals in 2018 and remains popular in the mindfulness communities.

About Tiffany Bellinger

Tiffany Bellinger is the director of the short film “Stop Breathe Let Go.” She conceived the idea for the film after her first experience at a breathwork circle. She continues to explore holistic practices that help us become more aware and mindful. Visit or to learn more about the film.

Self-Love Is Never Selfish, by KJ Hutchings

When I painted Self-Love Is Never Selfish, I was thinking about how many of us grow up believing self-love is a form of arrogance or conceit, that we should love other people but not ourselves.

I was no different in that respect, but over the years I’ve come to realize that self-love is anything but selfish.

When we love ourselves, we are able to love others in a more open, selfless, and healthy way. We don’t demand love in return, or feel unworthy of love. We’re also far more pleasant to be around. Treat yourself well and you’ll automatically treat others well too.

I wanted to convey in my painting that self-love is a gift we should all give ourselves. Because, after all, the most important relationship we will ever have in our life is the relationship we have with ourselves.

About KJ Hutchings

KJ Hutchings is a fiction and self-help writer and artist. Much of her work focuses on women’s self-empowerment, self-esteem and creativity, as well as relationship issues. Visit her site to get 25% off any artwork in her online shop, free fiction and chances to win heartfelt original paintings. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Speak Love Without Words, by Kevin Thompson

Drawing simple notes helps me focus on others in an intentional way. By spending time creating something by hand, I am able to surround others with love and kindness.

By creating a grin, by affording a grace, or by a simple acknowledgement to gratitude, the world, or at least the world of another, is made brighter. Sometimes they are simple. Sometimes they are flawed by commercial standards, but they are always done way that intends to bring joy into the world. One smile at a time.

About Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson received his B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Tennessee. He works in the express tunnel car wash industry as a district manager, writes for, and operates Compassion Waves Card Company. His experiences range from working to manage million dollar markets to wondering the streets with little money or hope.

Comforting Realms, by Marianne McGuire

“Comforting Realms” came from my lifelong experience of oneness with all beings, which is available for all who wish to access it. I believe that art can be used as a portal through which we can all feel our universal consciousness. On this magical journey, we move from the shadow toward the light where there is no duality, no separation between the individual and the universal.

It is my deep desire to create art that acts as an invitation to the viewer, to beckon you into the painting, into the energy of the image so that you too can explore another realm. So you can be drawn into the light through a meditative state and feel the scintillating peace, comfort, and excitement of oneness, and connect with your spirit and the truth of who you really are.

Painting what I feel when I am ‘in beingness’ is my passion. My mission is to connect with the beauty that already exists all around us—within and without—to inspire and uplift those who own my pieces.

When I am standing in front of the easel, all that matters is being awareness. That’s where the inspiration comes from; that’s where the beauty comes from. When I paint, it’s from a state of presence. I imbue my pieces with this energy so the viewer can be drawn in and “enter” the now more easily.

Because I connect with this space before and while creating my paintings, they are birthed for here, and that’s why your true self—beyond your conditioning—responds to these paintings. My desire is for you to allow yourself to feel this magical energy and experience presence and oneness in your everyday life.

*Oil on Canvas, Height 30 x Width 40 inches. Limited Edition, signed Fine Art Canvas Prints available.

About Marianne McGuire

Marianne McGuire studied History of Art, managed a fine art gallery, worked in fine art auctioneering, and has been an artist since she was eighteen. She has exhibited in galleries and sold her work at fine art auctions. Her work is in private collections around the world. Her art reflects her lifelong love of metaphysics and transformation. Visit her at,, and

“Your Light” Musical Storybook, by Jillian Aversa

My inspiration for writing the musical storybook “Your Light” came from my journey into new motherhood. I wanted to do something special for my daughter—and with my musical background, writing a lullaby was a natural fit. But to make the tribute more interactive, I decided that turning the text into lyrics for a picture book would create something we could share together for many years to come.

I found the experience of creating this project during the fall and winter months to be healing because creativity is a welcome distraction from my seasonal depression (“Seasonal Affective Disorder”).

About Jillian Aversa

Author and new mother Jillian Aversa is an award-winning vocalist and composer, drawing musical inspiration from the beauty and grandeur of nature. Learn more about her at

Nature Spirit by Maria Beadell

A trip to Canada inspired this piece. I was blown away by the awe and beauty and uncontrolled majesty of nature when traveling through the wilds of British Columbia, and this painting tries to combine these feelings into a mythical scene.

At the centre of the piece is ‘wolf-woman’—a symbol of wild, authentic femininity. She is emerging from the lake, from the depths of the Earth, from Gaia herself. She is beautiful and wise, her steely glare reminding us all that she is the boss, and we can tap into her energy when we need to.

About Maria Beadell

Maria is a self-taught painter. Her mission is to help people own their power, love themselves, and let go through empowering portraiture. Her painting commissions feature elements of fantasy and the surreal and are always vibrant and full of character. You can see her work here at and on Instagram and Facebook.

When In Doubt, Breathe In, Breathe Out, by Sneha


Whenever I feel anxious, deep breathing helps me find my center, stay calm, and put things in perspective. We might not always have time to meditate, but we can always take a few deep breaths to help clear our mind, no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

About Sneha

Sneha is a dreamer who is now exploring herself as an artist and trying and learning different things. She has recently created an artwork page on Instagram and on Facebook. She would not say she is great at it, but she's growing and improving day by day.

Sacred Space by Tahlee Rouillon

As an empath and highly sensitive person, I’ve always found nature to be exquisitely healing. I forget often. I spend too much time on the computer, or all up in my own head. And then I step outside and remember. It’s incredible how much connecting to nature helps me feel connected to my eternal, wisest self.

Which is why I wanted to celebrate this connection with a film clip to accompany my latest meditones album, Sacred Space. It’s a one hour long meditones album for sensitive souls who want to connect with the infinite within.

Creating the film clip was a wild & holy experience. Over three days, myself and cinematographers, Trent & Jessie Rouillon travelled along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. We surrendered our plans, and let intuition guide us. And because of that, we discovered sunrises across deep, verdant valleys; I danced on clifftops, the vibrations of pounding waves reverberating in my feet; windswept, frozen & in awe as the sun set and a million stars shimmered above.

Every time I see this film clip, I get goosebumps. It feels like a creation beyond me, even more so than the music I channelled for the album. In deep gratitude for this beautiful planet we call home.

About Tahlee Rouillon

Tahlee Rouillon is a music composer & founder of Sonesence. She creates sonic sanctuaries for empaths & sensitive souls through her soothing meditones music. When heard with headphones, meditones create calm brain waves effortlessly; perfect for sensitive souls struggling in an overwhelming world. Tahlee also loves forests, friends, good food, Instagram, and laughing out loud. Real loud. When you hear it, you’ll know.

Be Wild by Jen Picicci

This painting is called Be Wild and is one in a series called “Advice From Trees.”

When I make art, I usually don’t plan much. I pick out colors that call to me, then get to work with no real sketching or idea of how it will turn out. Once I completed the swirling background on this piece, the words “be wild” came to me, and the tree just flowed through me.

When I’m painting the world drops away. If I’ve been sad or anxious or ruminating about something, it disappears when I paint. I’m so in the moment that time seems to stop, yet when I look up, I can’t believe how late it is.

I wouldn’t say painting makes me happy, exactly, not in the smiling, bubbly kind of way, but it makes me still and present and I feel deeply, deeply content. It’s an anchor for me, a beacon, the thing I know I can go to when I’m feeling out of sorts.  I hope when people see my work, they can feel some of that peace as well.

About Jen Picicci

Jen Picicci is an artist, writer, and teacher living in the mountains of Western North Carolina. She’s currently obsessed with creating whimsical watercolor landscapes and teaching women how to hear their own inner wisdom. To see her art, follow her on social media, or take her self-study Inner Guidance 101 class, visit

Seeking Warmth from the Comfort of My Spirit by Rita Loyd

The inspiration to paint this image came after reflecting upon Buddhist philosophy and realizing that I am my own refuge; I can return home to myself in the present moment any time that I need. My inner-sanctuary is always with me.

About Rita Loyd

Rita Loyd is a watercolor artist and writer. Her work is about nurturing unconditional self-love. Her art has appeared on over 100 magazine covers including Science of Mind. For more healing art and tools that will help you nurture unconditional self-love, visit She also has an interview series here called The Power of Healing Art: Interviews with my Favorite Artist.

Golden Buddha by Mélissa Bordeaux

East Meets West ~ Inspired by Eastern philosophy and my travels through Asia, this collection consists of acrylic and mixed media paintings detailed with Swarovski crystals. Some of the pieces are adorned with thousands of crystals which I apply one by one in a meditative state. The peacefulness I experience from this creative process transcends to the images, as my vision is to create art that captures light, draws you in, and radiates a sense of tranquility.

About Melissa Bordeaux

Expressing emotion through visual art is Melissa's labor of love. The bulk of her work has been influenced by Eastern philosophy, as she spends her time between Vancouver and Thailand. She is inspired by her surroundings, travels, and the process of transformation, and wishes to share this experience with the world. Visit her at and at

Pretty Pistol Designs by Jane Zacny

Lately I’ve been very inspired by and interested in Asian culture and art, and I’ve discovered an interest in bohemian culture and art as well. So, in much of my work lately you’ll see Japanese-inspired images as well as bohemian-inspired imagery, such as the hamsa and the Buddha with the japanese cherry blossom tree. That one has become my favorite next to my cat in the cherry blossom tree with a midnight summer in the background.

A lot of my new art revolves around my past and discovering myself again as I try to heal myself through meditation and yoga.  I hope people take a liking to my work and also have some sort of understanding and can relate to the meaning behind it.

About Jane Zacny

You can find more of Jane's work at

Laho, Beautiful Electronic Music by Adrien Grellet

I spent the last ten years producing electronic music. My music reached a unique and new point, through one track: Laho. It starts with three chords I was using to meditate with my piano, playing them extremely slowly.

This track is something I feel beyond my person, and beyond art. It is hard to describe with words. I often spend one year on a track, but this one came out in one day. Some people were simply relaxed by it, but some others were somehow healed, and apparently use it on a daily or weekly basis, to reload their energy, and to refocus, somehow.

About Adrien Grellet

Adrien has had three things in his life for many years now: spirituality, mathematics, and music. He's been playing piano and guitar for more than fifteen years, and also drums in some bands. He's been meditating on a daily basis for the last ten years. His being is gradually choosing love over fear. You can find on Sound Cloud and Facebook.

In These Rooms, a Poem by Taylor Lane

I wrote this poem after one of my 12-step meetings, because it was important that I manifest the miraculous connection that we all shared in these rooms:

Coffee stains blend into the Berber carpet, adding more brown blotches with each passing year. Yellow paint chips break away from the walls that once held them, leaving behind blank shapes that morph into imaginary things.

The lucky ones who enter these rooms don’t notice the cosmetic imperfections, because what happens here is more powerful than any of us can describe.

Ego defenses melt away, remaining outside of these walls.

Anger has a right to express itself; the emotion isn’t shamed or tucked away to fester.

Salty tears can be shed without being silenced.

In these rooms, people don’t run.

In these rooms, people don’t judge.

In these rooms, people are accepted.

We enter as strangers, but come away as friends.

We share overwhelming emotions, giving our spirits a place to breathe.

We come together when we relapse, giving our spirits a place to heal.

In these rooms, we learn wisdom and mindfulness.

In these rooms, we learn how to recognize erroneous beliefs.

In these rooms, recovery bonds us.

In these rooms, something delightful happens.

In these rooms, we create sheer magic by being together.

About Taylor Lane

Taylor Lane has a love-hate relationship with her own brain. After struggling with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, she sought treatment in 2017 and has since been a major fan of 12-step groups, mindfulness, and her friends in recovery. She currently writes blogs on her site and is working on a 1-woman show.

Soul Art by Stephanie Reigle

This painting is titled “Self Healing.” I painted it with the intention and healing reiki energy to look within yourself for self-love, strength, and courage to heal.

Everything we ever need in our lives is already within us. Using this painting in your daily meditation practice will help remind you to look within and trust that you are whole and everything you need is already within you. You just have to allow yourself to tap into the healing energy!

About Stephanie Reigle

Stephanie Reigle is the owner and painter of Soul Art by Stephanie Reigle. She's a psychic spiritual artist who paints people’s soul guides, healing meditation paintings, soul blueprints, and more! Her Etsy shop is There you can see more paintings she offers and place special requests.

The Anchoring: Audio Visual Meditation by Anna Shelley

The Anchoring is an interpretation of what seems to be a growing global pattern: We are collectively increasing our awareness of our impact on our land and gravitating toward ancient practices from the many indigenous cultures of the Earth. By returning to these practices that help sustain our environment, we’re once again becoming honorable custodians of the Earth. You can hear this concept reflected in the high ambient cosmic melody, which gradually merges with a lower more earthy melody.

As with all my music, I improvised this in one take. All I did was set the intention of anchoring the new thought concepts with the ancient practices of the original custodians of our lands, and let the flute turn this into sound frequencies.

I set this music to the sri yantra image, which represents all of the elements of the concept of the music. The sri yantra represents merging of the cosmos and the Earth, the feminine and masculine, as within so without, and the concept of harmony that can be obtained when we accept all parts of ourselves and choose to see that we can create harmony through the dissonance of life.

The sri yantra is layered with a watercolor painting I did in which you can interpret the different layers and movement in alignment with the music and symbolism.

About Anna Shelley

Anna Shelley is a musician, artist, and muse based in Melbourne, Australia. She spends her time expressing her soul in weird and wonderfully creative ways. Go straight to her latest music, meditations, and musings, over here: and visit her on Instagram here.

Peacock Feather by Sneha


I am very close to religion and nature. I feel that both of them are really interconnected. Both give me a sense of hope in days of distress. Whenever I feel upset or anxious, I pray or go out for a walk in the park to observe the trees, birds and lake. These things really help me feel lighter, thus my upset/anxious mood gets a lot better.

I recently spotted a Peacock in the park and managed to save one of its feathers. It was the most beautiful feather I had seen, and it immediately lifted my creative spirits. I wanted to run home that very moment and capture it into my art book in my own imaginative ways.

I also knew that in Hinduism, the peacock feather is associated with Saraswati, a deity representing benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion, and knowledge. These are the qualities that I would want to acquire to become a better version of myself, and I know my peacock feather artwork will remind me to work toward these things.

About Sneha

Sneha is a dreamer who is now exploring herself as an artist and trying and learning different things. She has recently created an artwork page on Instagram and on Facebook. She would not say she is great at it, but she's growing and improving day by day.