Music and Life, by Alan Watts

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself what it is you’re chasing, and if it will really feel like success when you get there? If you feel like you’re missing everything, take a few minutes to hear what Alan Watts has to say on music and life.

Dharma Comics: Hold Emotions Lightly



Doodle Art Alley: Mistakes Are Proof That You’re Trying

Mistakes Are Proof

Source: Miss Martin’s Classroom via Doodle Art Alley

Buddha Doodles: You Are Not Your Story


Source: Buddha Doodles

Draw My Life: Michelle Phan

She’s a YouTube sensation, with popular make-up tutorials that have received millions of hits. But what I’m most fascinated by is her personal story, and the empowering message she shares in her engaging “Draw My Life” video. We all have a story to tell, and we are part of something beautiful…

AJs Art Journal: Play



Dharma Comics: If This Is the End



Buddha Doodles: You Deserve Downtime


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Landfill Harmonic: Beautiful Music Made with Trash and Passion

Most of us know we should open our eyes and appreciate what’s around us, but sometimes it may seem like there’s nothing of value there. That’s when we need to open our eyes further and ask ourselves, “How can I use this to make something beautiful?”

AJ’s Art Journal: Build Your Wings



Buddha Doodles: Every Step Counts


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Dharma Comics: Perfect Time



My Shoes: A Short Film About Wanting to Be Someone Else

We are more fortunate than we think. What blessing can you recognize and celebrate today?

AJs Art Journal: Be Audacious


The Truly Important Things

The Truly Important Things


Buddha Doodles: Everything Starts with Love


Source: Buddha Doodles

Inspiring Graduation Speech from a Sixth Grade Boy with Autism

In his sixth grade graduation speech, Eli Rosenberg shares what he’s learned about overcoming obstacles and making a difference, and offers a challenge that every one of us can meet. What a beautiful and inspiring message!

Dharma Comics: The Sun’s Still Here



AJ’s Art Journal: You Don’t Have to Be Perfect




You wouldn’t think a song that repeatedly references our fragility could be uplifting, but I find myself returning to Breakable, and this video in particular, again and again.

Maybe it’s the clever use of evocative images. Maybe it’s the innocence behind those joyful smiles. Or maybe it’s that even the broken images seem somehow beautiful.

We are fragile. We are vulnerable. Every one of us. Every now and then, we allĀ fall into broken hopes, broken dreams, and broken hearts. And while it’s hard and sometimes painful, we push ourselves again and again, willing to hurt, heal, and repeat.

It’s not because we’re masochists. It’s because somewhere between the leap and the stumble, we find new pieces of ourselves and learn how they fit into the puzzle of the whole. We find new pieces of each other and realize we’re better together than apart. And with every landing, we break a little less and become a whole lot stronger.

But it’s not the kind of strength that prevents us from breaking ever again. It’s the strength that allows us to live and love fully, knowing it’s worth the risk.