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    Hi mia

    it is a shame that the police made the impression to be not very concerned. because they should truly care for the safety of all citizens

    i don’t know what kind of attitude your coach has and if he has reason to be mad because you are already aware that you did react not in a sports spirit way (and neither did your opponent). so being mad at you is not very helpful. (but you said you were surprised by your coach’s reaction, maybe he usually acts in another way?)

    you did the wrong thing in that moment in the last actions of your taekwondo fight, but you already said that you where in that “momentum” and maybe you were just both unconciously driven by your thoughts about/against each other, so the fight just happened the way it did.

    actually both/all of you just maybe could fight more effectively if you were practicing some kind of medition or just awareness of sensations/thoughts etc. — so your moves are not affected by emotions etc., but just concerned about a great fight, improving yourself and fairness — but it is the coach that is your taekwondo leader (if he is) and it is on a leader to correspond to that or make it a value

    (and regarding my previous post, maybe you can avoid these boys? you can try to explain yourself to your opponent from that fight and try to deescalate the situation. on the other hand maybe it is better to just avoid them as good as possible… i hope you have some friends/family members to talk to)

    kind regards

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    hello belinda

    this sounds like a very dangerous situation

    the boys are very young and possibly, in a bad case, they “echo” each other with words about outrage/revenge etc.

    – i hope you can talk to the police
    – consider moving away from there (i mean just considering): arkansas seems to be a more racist state in the us
    (according to https://www.thetoptens.com/states-provinces/most-racists-states-us/)
    – maybe you can use google / google maps to find any parties you can talk to or get help
    (i searched this site but it has no anti-racism office if that is a thing anyway…: https://arktimes.com/arkansas-blog/2021/01/08/where-to-get-help-a-resource-list); or a hotline to get help maybe??
    – talk to your taekwondo coach, maybe ask for help, talk about the fight just like you explained it in your post and that you fear your opponent might still feelย  agitated and growing his hostility seeking for revenge
    – if anyhow possible speak to any people that seem kind, more open, peaceful/adult etc. …. to get witnesses/allies
    – maybe you can find someone to walk you home (for instance after taekwondo) etc. so you don’t walk around alone much
    – if there is room for kindness/diplomacy you can visit the boy in hospital (and bring some friends of yours to be more protected) and bring flowers and excuse… (if you have a way to take the first step towards them, that lets you know better how they feel and you get a current view over the situation. on the other hand their beliefs are likely very strong and this can also still be very dangerous or just in vain)



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    oh i kind of hit reply but i was more like pondering about you, but not because of being able to help or something :/

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    hi emma


    you have a shell/armor spirit that protects you and draws a line

    but you also have a very strong spirit that values to remain a true ally/friend

    both these spirits are very valuable! your very difficult job is to fully merge them so without one compromising the other!!

    (like Roberta and Stellardust mention each ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    this is a journey, i don’t know if there is an easy, clear answer and how the future will look like.


    but maybe these two spirits of yours can guide you to find other/new precious qualities in a future relationship, because you already have them in yourself


    kind regards ๐ŸŒผ

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    hi tennessee

    this sounds like a very hostile, cold and actually inhuman environment

    i have no ideas where you could move to or how at all… ๐Ÿ™

    but when you come from a family like this, you really need a significant mental+physical distance to see things clearly. but your parents beliefs seem to be very strong / close to their core, so maybe neither of any of you can help here

    as Roberta mentions buddhist teachings or when you think of any monks/nuns: they seek distance to their old life, they don’t start meditation amidst of a turbulent city center or amidst of the sea. also you must truly care for yourself before you can truly help/care for others… and eventually some day including your parents…

    i really hope you can find a solution ๐Ÿ™

    kind regards



    hello maida

    this sounds terrible. is there anything you can do? maybe you can try to carry your spirits with your remaining energy ๐Ÿ™

    and what would be the kind of person that you wanted to know or appreciate? i hope you find a way… as humans we always seek for a solution… but maybe you cannot repair yourself… but healing and repairing aren’t the same either

    kind regards ๐ŸŒž

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