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    I m not sure what your circumstances, but I hope this helps you, I recently found this article on forgiveness and I m dealing with my own heartache and trying to forgive the person who caused it, and trying to move on;

    Forgiveness is Power!

    Forgiveness literally means “to give forth”. In other words, forgiveness is the act of returning foreign energy, from out of your personal space. Forgiveness is a psychic mechanical action to “give it back” to them from whom it came.

    Forgiveness is the single biggest gift one can ever give to oneself.

    Forgiveness will release one from the psychic and emotional bondage that keeps one imprisoned in bitterness, resentment, anger, grief, and guilt.

    Forgiveness is the key to creativity, energy, and freedom.

    Forgiveness does not mean condoning or justifying the harmful acts done by others.

    The laws of karma ensure that those who do harm will themselves be harmed, when their time comes. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, the basic tribal rules of social justice, apply in some version in all cultures.

    We can have faith that justice will be done. However the timing of redress is usually beyond any one individual’s control, and the karmic system allows delayed paybacks – sometimes many lifetimes down the road.”

    may god help you…!


    Hang on there My Friend..! Its hard but its the only way. I m going through similar situation, and my ex is hell bent on emotionally abuse me, but I know I have to deal with it. I try to focus on my life, I wont give her power to ruin whatever is left in my life. we don’t know our strength till being strong is the only way left…! You have all the power you need, don’t let her ruin your thesis, finish it. Good Luck.


    Hello Laleh,

    I can tell you from my experience, even if you try talking to him, it wont give you any closure, I tried it, and dragged it out for month and half, but in the end the answers were same, I didnt understand what went wrong in my perfect relationship. We are both mature professionals and had been together for about 10 months, things went really fast after first date, and we use to meet every month or so, it was long distance relationship, but we were very comfortable and secure with each other, anyway now its over, and as i was still sending her messages asking her questions, to get closure, she reported me to police, for harassing her.

    I would ask you, to not lower yourself, just be strong, its very very hard, I know. I hope one day we come across again, and she realize, what a foolish mistake she made, that all. Be Strong, take care of yourself, create a network of supporting friends and talk to them and cry as much as you want, till u don’t have tears left, talking about seems so boring to you, then you will move on,

    Its like” what cant be cured, must be endured” be brave, don’t contact him, pick yourself up and move on. I wish you good luck.


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