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    emotional scale

    I found this early to kind of gage where im at

    I figure I’m some where between doubt and worry, which I can see is an improvement.
    but good things are going to happen one way or another. *BOOM* I’m making my way to the top!


    Im beginning to see my anger in a new light.
    im not angry at the world, I still possess loving kindness.
    But my anger has a target, and I think its a symptom of many repressed emotions that ive bottled up over time, and they are rising to the surface one by one.
    I feel terrible for making this person feel all of these negative thoughts feelings and emtions of mine.
    But there is some liberation to letting it all out.
    Id be surprised if we are still friends, I do hope so, but I feel this is a light that needed to be shined for the both of our development to some degree.

    Im getting there and im trying to enjoy the journey.
    I think and hope I got a lot of this anger out and that I can advance to the next rung of the emotional ladder, whatever that may be.


    And do you really feel this self-criticism is serving you?
    Do you feel that youre “happier” for all of this?

    Id imagine you mean the world to somebody, will you be happy when they see you the way you see yourself?
    I wouldnt want to be seen in the negative light that I have seen in myself, when I let myself self criticize and belittle myself.
    It isnt always easy to let go and just BE, it is easier said than done, but we must show ourself some compassion and stop the cycle of pain and hurt that we self inflict.

    Ive read somewhere, and im sure I will butcher it, but here goes it anyways.
    We all have 2 voices in our head, one is our true self which is nurturing and keeps us out of harms way, keeps us safe and follows our dreams. The other voice is “that friend” who pretends to be our friend…sometimes telling us what we want to hear so we keep them close and value their opinion…but says THE worst things to us about ourselves and makes us feel badly.
    But only one voice is needed…make the choice, listen to yourself and not “that friend”…YOU DONT NEED THEM ANYWAYS!

    Mediitation is an excellent way to silence “that friend” and it gives your true selfs voice volume and clarity. But it is a practice and must be done often and regularly or that friend will come back to visit more often.
    Ive been a terrible self critic myself, it sucks because its a dirrect reflection of self esteem. I was fortunate enought to find a class on self esteem…and that also did wonders…it helped my true self debate that friend away to where it tool away the friends powerful voice.
    I hope this makes some sense and that it helps you make peace within…or atleast gets you started on the path to peace…and just BEING…and being happy!


    Go where ever the invites take you.
    no sense swimming up stream or against the currents.
    I remind myself often “good fortune rarely shines upon those who say no”
    And know, you are where you need to be right now.


    Sounds like a manipulative opportunist…be prepared for the big guns.
    Ive had fiends like this.
    So long as youre thinking about him, its likely to happen again, and you wont be able to end the cycle.
    If you dont want that, then block his number and move forward and onward.
    There are plenty of us legit nice guys who know how to treat (and honor) a lady.


    Great link, thank you for your post.


    Id recommend going to the movie theater by yourself.
    MOST people have never done so or evn thought about it.
    but its great!
    A bit tough at first thought, but a HUGE step towards independence, and only a small leap.
    Go out to dinner by yourself beforehand and call it a date!
    Spoil yourself, have a good time, bring a book to dinner if you think youll get bored.
    But deffinately “put out” if you have a good time lol

    Seriously though, have you ever taken yourself out on a date?
    You dont know what you are missing!
    Movie going will never be the same.
    Youll lose yourself, I promise!


    Great video!
    I subscribed to his channel after watching, and have already watched about 5 videos of his since you posted up.
    I watch/listen him in the morning as im getting ready.
    I find him inspiring as well as informative.
    Thanks for posting up!

    Btw hes got a lot of life coaching type videos and a bunch of topics.


    Thanks for the kimd words of wisdom and suggestions.

    On a quasi related note: ive had two anger filled days after having my feelimgs hurt and later dismissed.
    Anger is somewhat new to me and im usually pretty chill, mellow and rather acceptimg.
    My question here is: is this an improvememt?
    Anger is higher on the emotional scale, isn’t it?
    Could this be a means for a somewhat pacifist to deal?

    I know anger is usually a by product of hurt and pain, but this isn’t “normal” for me, to lash out.

    Improvement? Or a step further and deeper into the chasim of negative emotions?
    I felt better for a good while, but then was pretty hard on myself for my behavior, which at the time, i felt was just.
    Maybe i was just top over the top? Didn’t kmow when to stop, overflowimg with anger amd harshness.


    How does one stop being co dependent and move on or even find a healthy relationship?

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