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    There is an excellent book called:


    I hope you find peace and happiness.

    Take care,

    Bronte C


    I’m sorry for your struggle. Perhaps you might be avoiding having to deal with the real issues you have with yourself and/or your expectations about your life/marriage. Many people go through similar phases when they are not satisfied with their lives. Please do yourself and your family the respect of going to a counselor for help….BEFORE you make the decision to do something you can’t take back. This “new” situation is probably exciting, but the bottom line is that it is a distraction from dealing with your true issues.

    19 years is a long time. I’m assuming there might be something worth looking at before you completely throw it away.

    Remember: “The grass might look greener on the other side, but you have to mow that too” 🙂

    Good luck!!

    Bronte C

    Hi Everybody!

    Great idea Marshmallow!

    Mine would be this:

    When you are hurting or angry, beven mindful of what you say. You want people to remember you for your grace. (paraphrasing a quote from Stevie Nicks) 🙂

    One more thing:

    Just sleep on it – everything looks clearer in the morning.

    Wishing you all happiness! !
    – Bronte

    Bronte C

    Hi Lexy!

    I’m so excited for you!!! There is no such thing as “just a manager in a coffee shop”. I wouldnt trade my restaurant management experience for anything. It takes a special personality and skillset. If you are given that opportunity, grow with it. You might be surprised what you have to offer! People with management experience are ALWAYS in high demand, so be the best you can be and learn all you can from this company. In the meantime, enjoy your cooking and take time to learn about food. You never know where your skills and passions might meet one day. Remember: “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. ”

    Wishing you Happiness and Success!!!!

    P.S. ALWAYS make a special point to do things you love outside of work. This job is demanding and requires “purposeful” balance.

    Bronte C

    Hi Sassy!

    While I am not able to refer you to any summer job destinations, I can give you a great tip:

    Make a point to positively touch someone else’s life EVERYDAY.
    You might be surprised how quickly your emptiness disappears.

    Some suggestions:
    *Helping an elderly person carry groceries
    *Giving a genuine compliment to a stranger
    *Sending someone you haven’t seen in a while a card
    *Buying someone a cup of coffee

    The list of small gestures is endless. …and so much fun!

    Wishing you health and happiness! !

    Bronte C


    I’m so sorry for your pain.
    My mother has a saying: “There are many people out there making the same mistakes. Some get caught and some don’t. ” Noone has the right to judge someone else’s journey. You might try joining a support group for people with similar circumstances. And Remember: What you DO is not who you ARE.
    God sees your heart. And it is BEAUTIFUL:)

    Wishing you happiness! !

    Bronte C

    Dear Soulstar,

    I am truly sorry for your pain. I am certain that my mother favors my sibling over me, and, when I allow myself to focus on that fact, I feel hurt and “less than”. The key here is : “when I allow myself to focus on that.”

    You can only change one person’s feelings: YOURS.

    Please don’t do yourself the IMMESNSE disservice of allowing their situation and/or opinions of you and yours to dictate how you see yourself.

    You are beautiful. You are worthy. You have a heart. And you are not afraid to speak your truth or show your pain and compassion. (Qualities I suspect the rest of your family chooses not to express.)

    The unfortunate truth is that family members are human just like friends and strangers – and, sometimes they should be treated as such. I feel that we sometimes idealize what our family “should be” instead of accepting that they might be just as disconnected from us as the cashier in a supermarket. You might try lowering your expectations of what you want from them. The great thing is, that if you look beyond your family, you might find many other people who love you in more ways than you probably realize.

    Remember that any energy you put into trying to change someone else is energy you are not using to better yourself.

    Wishing you happiness!!

    Bronte C

    Hi 🙂

    You are not alone with these thoughts as you can clearly see by the responses. We all have our “lists”. Might I suggest making a list of all the things you LIKE about yourself. That list might be longer than you think.

    And, yes, you are correct. Some people will not like you, just as YOU will not like everyone you meet. But there are people you would love today with THEIR lists just as there are many people that would love you with YOURS. We are all on a journey. Trust that acceptance of yourself and your current struggles will draw other people to you that will do the same. You are beautiful and you matter just as you are. Don’t give up!

    Also, engaging in some type of physical activity is a very effective way to build positive emotions. You might try reading “The Body Keeps The Score”.

    Wishing you Happiness!

    Bronte C

    Hi Sann!

    I understand that you feel alone and frustrated even in the midst of so many people.

    I also understand that it often takes money to join groups or attend therapy.

    What you are looking for is love. (Not just romantically speaking). And the easiest way to bring that into your life is to give it. Have you ever noticed that you never feel lonely when you are helping someone else?

    VOLUNTEER for a local nonprofit group. It’s free. You will automatically be surrounded by people who share something in common with you – the desire to help others.

    Wishing you Happiness!!,

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