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    See how we suffer Lily, suffer for our faith in our Lord and saviour!
    I should report them for their lack of repentance.


    I want you to consider this.
    Might it be possible, that your family has become poisoned by sin? By toxic evil?
    I suggest you start a new life completely separate from them. I know you are young and this is hard, but I see a need in you for transformation. Turn away from these self-obsessed people who have no clue of what real love is. Find a new crowd of sincere hearts who know what “care” and “kindness” really mean. You need to be in a nurturing environment in order to sow healthy seeds in your own heart. So one day, you can be the kind of person someone can turn to, that you need now.
    God bless.


    “And Lord, forgive Peppermint if she doesn’t give enough to charity and overeats at Christmas time.”
    Sorry Peppermint, if I have offended you with the word “sin”. The fact that people don’t like the word “sin” also comes from pride. They are thinking to themselves, “no one can tell me I’m sinning too much. I rather like sin anyway. It’s fun!”


    I forgive you visual for calling me a troll. You know, they thought Jesus Christ was a troll, a troublemaker. Because he challenged their authority, their pride. The Pharisees, I mean.
    And there is nothing wrong with condemning sin as evil. I don’t condemn the person. We need to recognize sin for what it is, separation from God. Do you feel a distance or separation from God, visual? Maybe it is pride that has caused this. If so, I pray for you now.
    “Lord, Jesus, forgive visual for his sinful pride. He has not yet awoken to your presence, your love and mercy.”


    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for providing compassion when I most needed it. God bless you.
    I’m now having second thoughts about exiting my current relationship. As you said, I may have misinterpreted the pastor’s friendliness as something more than it actually is. I’ll wait and see if anything develops. Hopefully it does.

    Other Readers
    I don’t feel a need to address the troll accusation as I have a lot more important things on my mind at present. Anyway, best wishes to you all and sorry, I may have been overly zealous in my other thread. So I apologise for that.


    I’ll cut to the chase. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, and these minor worries will disappear like magic!
    God Bless you Troy!


    I am sad to see you reject me and therefore reject the one who sent me, Jesus Christ, Our Saviour and Lord. The answer is clear. Beezelbub, Satan, has taken root here. He has poisoned your minds, made you blind to the truth. The devil is such an insidious character. He will sneak up on you, when you least expect. Infect you with pride and make you believe you can live this life without God. Well, I’m telling you. You can’t! Did you hear? You can’t!
    Oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, glory to you on highest, praise be your name. You died for our sins, for OUR sins! Don’t they get that? Can’t they see? You suffered for OUR sins, now I’m suffering for their sins. But I don’t mind! I can take it because I know you, Lord God and Saviour are on my side. Yes, my side!
    Repent, dear readers, repent. Right here right now, repent and make that monumental decision. Accept Jesus! yes Jesus! Right here, right now, repent. Give yourself over to the Lord Jesus Christ. Turn your back on Satan! He will never make you happy. But God will, I tell you. God will!
    Alleleuia.Praise be Jesus, Glory to him on Highest!
    Give your life to God and I can absolutely promise, he’ll give you eternal life. Don’t you want eternal life?


    God, Almighty Father in Heaven, forgive them. They know not what they do or say. I honestly tried Lord, to do the job you gave me, to be your light on this sad and dark forum but I’ve failed. But that won’t stop me trying some more. I need some strength. Can you send me more strength? I feel so alone and I’m beginning to think they hate me. But they hated you too didn’t they. They didn’t listen to you either. So in a way, I’m walking in your footsteps too. That makes me feel a little less weary. But thank you Lord. I forgot to show my appreciation for speaking directly to me last week. I felt truly blessed. truly special.
    “Our Father who art in heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us……”


    Lord let us pray
    help these sinners see their blindness, their ignorance, their total rejection of you. May your glorious light shine upon these poor souls. Ok let’s altogether sing in the name of Jesus, our God and Saviour”
    Amazing Grace
    How sweet the sound
    that saved….
    Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia,
    praise be Jesus
    Lord on high
    I once was lost
    But now I’m found
    Help these poor souls
    be found Lord
    Be found
    Glory be to the Father and to the Sun
    and to the Holy Spirt
    praise and honour his name
    deliver these poor wretches from eternal damnation


    God have mercy on Dernell for laughing at his own jokes.


    Jack, it is never too late to hand your life over to God! I notice you being tempted by the philistine psychology of Freud. Don’t do it! It’s atheistic rubbish!


    Oh goodness me the capital letters! So loud!!


    Let go and let God,
    Simple as that.
    Praise the Lord!

    Oh I’m so glad I’m not the only Christian on here.
    Alleluia Jack!
    May God transform you into something precious!
    Remember God is the potter, we are the clay.
    Let him do his work through us!!
    Oh I’m absolutely thrilled!


    Well I always respond kindly and with lots of sympathy because who knows. I might be in the same situation one day.

    “lowly apprentice”? That’s kinda severe, don’t you think?

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