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    Hey jane,
    This might be interesting for you:


    Good luck <3.


    Hey, sounds rly fckn harsh.

    I went true something similair and trust me, you will learn a lot from whats happening now and you will come out of this stronger and wiser. Whenever my negative thoughts about ‘them’ would come up i would try to allow it alland just let go of everything i think and/or feel right now. Knowing that this will pass and will improve my life after a certain time. (though i understand that its hard to imagine this right now).

    Ive leanred that, the more shit you go true in life, if you take out the positive things, you will become more of a happy/content/stronger person. I know its so fckn cruel but i rly believe its the life-expereince we need to grow more awesome. Does that make sense? (Being able to love and accept yourself more, getting to learn about yourself, what you wanna do with your life etc.

    Go out and do the things you love, do things you have never done before, do things that scare you and be honest to the people that you have around you. Never think the grass is greener, its not, period. All people go treu their own shit, dont romantisize, we are people, and nobody lives in a fairytail. Just try to take out the positive. Make lists of things you want to do with your precious life. Maybe keep a quote-book with quotes that make you feel better about life. (i did that and it helped me)

    Go to the gym/work out! This will be good for SO many reasons. Be nice to yourself, be sweet and be soft. Ask yourself everyday:How can i love myself more? Take good care of yourself and eat as healthy as you can. I promse you this will improve the quality of your life if you accept your feelings right now and take out all the positive things that you can think off.

    Confrontation is one of the best things that you can do for yourself! I live by that, and trust me i’ve been tru some hard shit too. And i can honestly tell you that i am happier than ever before, i do what i dream off and i get more happy and happy with myself, feel more at ease in my skin etc. (am 27 btw) Now i thank the people who have givin me shit in the past, with out them and the expierence they ket me have i would have never grown and learned so much about life and myself!

    You will meet new awesome people. Pls try to not hold grugde. This will only hurt yourself. Forgive them (so that you YOURSELF can let go of the negative feelings). Remember they didnt do this to mess your life up. People fall in love, SO WILL YOU AGAIN.. <3

    Try to avoid sugar and alcohol/sigarets. You will get used to your new life. Try to view it as a fresh new start! And Fall in love with yourself. You are (or at least should be(come) the most iporant/beautiful/awesome person in the world to you and you always will. You are the MOST important person in your world/universe. It’s you first, always.

    I hope this helps you a little bit..

    Wish you a lot of love, remember you are NEVER alone honey! x from the Netherlands!


    I see it’s 10am where a lot of you TB readers are! Goodmorning to you! I am about to have dinner here in North/West Europe.. x


    So appreciative *off life..



    Love your post Tamara! I feel like this most of the time too! So appreciative life! And not just because i live close to Amsterdam 😉



    Hi Trevor,

    Maybe you could watch/read some uplifting stuff, for example, am reading a book from Anita Moorjani, her story is pretty mindblowing, if you have some time check her out.

    (And whether story’s like these are true or not, they are positive and will make you feel better) (:

    Good luck!


    Hi Petra, personally i think: this has nothing to do with you or your kids, how can his family love him but dislike/hate/ignore HIS beautiful wife and HIS OWN precious kids, thats not even real love in my oppinion.

    My conclusion is: people that ‘hate’ somebody else, dont love themselves, they are not happy with themselves/their lives so they go out projecting there unhappy feelings on other beings so that THEY dont have to confront themselves with the painfull/ugly/insecure feelings they have inside themselves..

    If you RLY love yourself you couldnt hate anything, cause you know.. youlb happy, enyoing & loving & sharing life!

    This is what i have learned in my 27 years.. Nowadays i dont take it personal when anybody is treating me hars/rude/unlovable etc. it comes from the inside of them and has nothing to do with me.

    Does this make sense? (english isnt my 1st-lanuage).

    I wish you a lot of luck and love from the Netherlands!

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