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    Have you ever had that feeling when you feel excited about life, about everyday, about yourself?
    When you wake up in the morning and know that no matter what happens this will be a wonderful day!
    When you can just sit quietly, think about your blessing and tear up! When you lay in your bed before sleeping and your
    heart starts pounding when you think of how amazing your life is? Just because you can see the magic in the simplest, littlest things.

    It’s just funny, I think if you asked someone to describe my life, I guess they would say it’s boring, because I never ever enjoy the things most people like to do, but I am just in love with every single little part of my life!

    Is anyone else taken aback by the magic in this life? I mean just look at the sky, isn’t it so magical? Our existence, the little things called coincidences, oh there are so many magical things! I’m not high haha not at all, I just really really love life! And I am so grateful I feel there is no more room inside me to carry all this gratitude.
    And the best part is, you can take a look at yourself, and you can see the person you want to become, and so you start working little by little, and one day you see how close you’ve become to the person you once imagined, until one day you see that person in your mirror! Ah wonderful wonderful life <3
    I don’t feel this way all the time because life has its ups and downs leading to a perfect balance, but when I do feel like it, I can’t share it with anyone because people always think something is missing in their life in order to get to this state or they think I’m crazy! … So please tell me that there’s someone else out there who’s also feeling this way! Tell me that you understand, tell me that you’re in love with life! <3 Share your thoughts with me!


    Your post made me smile. I don’t feel like u do right now but I can just imagine myself getting to that total head over heels mind set. I felt a little like that when I went to Amsterdam a few years ago. The sky was a color which seem out of a van gosh painting. It was magnificent. I feel that way every now and then. See like many others, I get distracted. Few years ago I was on a self love, self discovery journey but secretly all I wanted was someone outside of me to love me. Fast forward 4 Years and a very painful break up later, i am finally on a self love, love life path.

    Wish me luck. One day I’ll be posting something like your post…
    This is amazing. Keep it up.


    @ tamara,i used to feel exactly the same way you do now in the past, not just once but many times…….. crazy like happiness when we don’t even feel like caring why it is there… and just like u say, watching even a cloud or just a breeze touching my face…. and i just cant stop smiling..inside myself…. i used to wonder if i am psychotic…( m a physician)but when i had the same feeling again and again,i inferred that many people in their life do feel this way… and i didn’t ask any of my friends if they ever feel this same way.. so, now, i have someone else having the same thing too… enjoy ,savour this time…. and remember this feeling if u feel down ever again in life (like W. wordsworth says in his poem – daffodils) and u will be cheerful again.. 🙂


    I totally understand how you feel. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of life–a young family playing at the playground, an older couple on an afternoon stroll, the way the wind can pick up fallen leaves, a clear sunny day. These sorts of things make me happy to be alive, because there’s so much life going on around me.

    I can also understand that tiny bit of irritation when no one around you shares those feelings–all you can do is try to put out a little bit of positivity every day, and what others decide to do with it is their business.


    this post is so great and happy! thank you for sharing. and i myself totally relate and connect; in fact, i used to think i had some kind of bipolar condition because i would feel so ecstatic and amazed at everything around me, and so HAPPY with life! and then the elation would suddenly leave me, or just die down… but to really answer your question- no, you are NOT alone and yes, i know exactly what you are talking about. life is beautiful and there is simply nothing more plentiful, overwhelming (in both good and sometimes bad ways), exciting, and unpredictable as life! you always hear people saying “live life to the fullest; you only live once; life is short” – but very few GENUINELY take those truths into consideration. those who do live fulfilling lives and inspire other people around them. so keep on loving life! imagine how much more wonderful the world would be if everyone made an effort to remind themselves and others that life is such a precious thing!


    Thank you all for reminding me just how beautiful life is.


    I love your attitude towards life! This is exactly how I strive to be, just to be excited about every day no matter how ‘normal’ it seems.
    Sometimes I wake up, look out the window and see a beautiful sunrise, and I am grateful to be put on this earth. But then again, you shouldn’t need a beautiful landscape to feel grateful and joyful in everyday life.
    Inspiring post 🙂


    Wish you Good luck Sapna!

    It was similar with me; I always enjoyed being with myself. And didn’t realize when I started liking someone liking me too and falling in love, being dependent, hence forgetting my own self. What I wanted, what I liked, I started living my life for this someone else in the relation. Bruised my self-esteem. Currently, on my way to self love 🙂

    Cheers! Stay blessed!
    Lots of positivity from India!


    I feel the same way. Even I used to think that I’m crazy and it’s a small mind that thinks this way. But I guess we all are on right track to appreciate all the small and beautiful things we have around us. Isn’t it?

    Stay blessed:-)
    Lots of positivity from India!


    Tamara, you are so beautiful. I know exactly how you feel. YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND ME SO WELL! hhaaha
    I used to wake up every single morning and be so so so happy just because it’s been cold for a while in Australia, and today it was sunny and everything was just shining.. i looked at the grass and the little flowers, i smiled. I thought it was beautiful, then i would travel by bus, with my head phone on… i would look up at the sky, sees the birds and appreciate their life, appreciate the sky how beautiful it is so stare at.. i would look at the trees, i would cry. Because i feel their love towards me, thats why I’m a huge hippy mothereffker ahhah! but never once, i smoke or do anything. Ive never touch drugs, i hate drinking.. Its just so natural to me, to feel this much love. I feel it, almost every single days.. i count my bless because the bus came just right on time when i got there, i feel so much that i could not look at a sad photo and not cry. I was very intune with myself and everything around me. You are living in the present Tamara, please… this is yourself, don’t ever loose it.
    I was where you was, and i lost it because i went through a relationship that was clearly not healthy for me… but i am stupid 🙂 Please don’t make that mistakes, write down all your thoughts, how you feel every time you feel this way again…. so even if one day, something might change you. You rmb who you were…
    i now, trying to find myself again.
    Thanks Tamara, you just let me open it all up and reminded me how much of an angle i was, you are too, lovely angel 🙂

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    I know exactly what you mean Tamara 🙂 And as soon as I read your post I got that heart-pounding feeling. It’s an incredible feeling just to be alive, just to BE. To be able to do the simplest of things or having the basic things that we forget to be grateful for like being able to breath, have vision (even though mine is pretty terrible haha), being able to walk, to smell, to feel, to love! I was never this way, in fact quite the opposite. I went through some tough times that led to depression and I despised literally everything including myself until one day its like a lightbulb went off and I realized I could either drown in my self inflicting misery or LIVE! Slowly things fell into place and boom here I am, I’m definitely in a better place and boy is it refreshing =) Like you I have my share of lifes ups and downs but its all about our perspective and I try to maintain a positive one.
    I don’t get to express it much either so when I see others that feel the same it puts a huge smile on my face and makes me full <3
    I am ABSOLUTELY in love with life and all its glory! =)
    Thanks for sharing Tamara
    Sending lots of Love and Light your way on this beautiful life journey!



    I just want to say I agree and sometime am Blessed to feel the same way.

    Ryan Viola

    I do sometimes feel this way, but I feel good and I am happy with the small things that I have around me.


    Love your post Tamara! I feel like this most of the time too! So appreciative life! And not just because i live close to Amsterdam 😉



    So appreciative *off life..


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