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    1. I like the way I look, not a vanity thing, I’m just blessed with good genes and like to take care of myself.

    2. I’m creative and what brings me great joy is the fact that I believe my friends genuinely love what I produce whether it be an enormous multi coloured chocolate brownie birthday cake or a hand painted tobacco tin with cheeky personal slogan on.

    3. I can see both sides to every coin. It drives my friends mad when I can’t take sides in an argument and drives me mad when I have to vote..

    4. I have a thirst for knowledge and quench it with research…

    5. I love that I have the confidence to talk happily to anyone at all ( I work in a bar and have to be counsellor, confidante and comedian all in one evening). Bring me the queen and I’d find out what colour knickers she’s wearing and make her laugh while she told me.


    Melbourne brings back amazing childhood memories of when I visited my auntie. We stayed on a mountain covered in rainforest just outside the city. The smells and sounds..mmm.
    And lying in a lavender field in Provence, France. The humming of millions of bees and the overwhelming scent with nothing but bluish purple as far as the eyes could see.


    Thank you all for reminding me just how beautiful life is.


    Forgive yourself.
    Everyone makes mistakes, absolutely everyone. Some more serious than others.

    What I did was write a list of the things I regretted doing, saying etc…. It took an A4 notebook of opening my heart and writing everything I felt about relationships, situations I’d been in and things I’d done. After I’d ‘finished’ I felt loads better. I then read back on it months later and realised that I’d forgotten about so many of the things I’d been obsessing over. Whenever I write I feel like I’m ’emptying my waste basket’. Ive been filling up notepads with my anxieties, pain, thoughts about mundane things for years. From time to time I look at what I’ve written and sometimes I burn selected pages to tell myself that the issue is now dealt with.

    All seems a bit weird telling someone what I do, but it REALLY helps me.

    Good luck




    Im in awe of the fact you left your home to move in with the guy. You have incredible strength and emotional courage.
    I believe, that if you remain where you are and stay with your new family you will move onto bigger and brighter things. I consider being single a period of rest and time to decide where you want to be in life without the distractions of loving someone else intensely taking you off your course.
    Embrace the generous offer from people that clearly care about you. If you do find it a struggle to continue working for three years, what are the consequences if you leave within a year? Do you have to pay for the course?
    Whatever happens, in time it will become easier. I promise.


    I believe that every person you have a relationship with is predetermined and offers a lesson to us. If I’ve been in a bad relationship I’ve decided that it was meant to be and take away any lessons I have learned from it. It makes it easier to move on. I also believe that the happier you are within yourself; the greater love you have for yourself; the more attractive you are to others.
    I spend a considerable time in my adult life being miserable and feeling lonely. I was ‘stuck’ in a materially comfortable but emotional unrewarding relationship. I had few friends and I became overweight and a nightmare to be around. A good friend from my distant past saw I was unhappy and told me I didn’t have to be like this; I could and will be happy once I put things into action. I moved on and became so happy with my choice I was totally proud of myself for having the strength to leave a boring and unfulfilling life for a more creative and social one. In my life I am number one. If I can’t take care of myself, I can’t take care of my fiends and family and they need me.
    I was destined to experience every down in my relationship in order to give me the knowledge and strength to bring me up.
    I’m 42 now and have had a succession of hideous relationships including with my parents and siblings. Look after yourself, understand that the people you relate with have problems of their own that they may take out on you. I’m just out of a sad relationship where the guy was abused as a kid, he felt he could blame me for being insensitive every time we had an argument. He’s finding his own way of healing and, heartbroken as I am, I cannot wait for him to heal as he was the centre of my world and I forgot to look after myself which weakened me and stopped me from being able to look after him and me. We both learned from our experience together and feel it best we move apart for the time being.
    To summarise, I believe every person you meet is the right one.

    I hope this makes sense to you and answers at least part of your question.

    Blessins xx

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