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    how do I move on? I have made so many mistakes in the past that still haunt me today, and I can’t let them go. I want to treat myself with love and stop obsessing about stupid things I’ve done in the past, and move on, instead of beating myself up about them and considering myself a terrible person, failure, etc. Help please!


    Forgive yourself.
    Everyone makes mistakes, absolutely everyone. Some more serious than others.

    What I did was write a list of the things I regretted doing, saying etc…. It took an A4 notebook of opening my heart and writing everything I felt about relationships, situations I’d been in and things I’d done. After I’d ‘finished’ I felt loads better. I then read back on it months later and realised that I’d forgotten about so many of the things I’d been obsessing over. Whenever I write I feel like I’m ’emptying my waste basket’. Ive been filling up notepads with my anxieties, pain, thoughts about mundane things for years. From time to time I look at what I’ve written and sometimes I burn selected pages to tell myself that the issue is now dealt with.

    All seems a bit weird telling someone what I do, but it REALLY helps me.

    Good luck



    Simonete. Ewd

    Hi Anna.

    Sharing some guidance with you to help you on your journey to a “New Start”

    You may have made a lot of mistakes and errors on your way to where you are. But that has nothing to do with where you can choose to go from here. No matter what has gone on before, you can make the most of right now. Any prior mistake cannot stop you from Needing a new start in this moment.

    If you feel that you needing a new start, that means you are ready. That means you know deep within that you must do whatever it takes to bring your dreams to life.

    Get busy and get on your way, for the path stretches out in front of you.

    I know you’re thinking so how do I do that? You have a powerful tool available to you. It’s something you use every day of your life without even realizing it, something you’ve been using way back since you are a child.
    It’s known as visualization…

    It can positively and definitively change your mind, your attitude, and your energy level. And by so doing it can change the reality of your life setting you free so you can move on.Some how What you think makes you more effective at what you do. So now at this moment get high enough above it and you’ll see a way through. Get high enough above your mistake and you’ll see what’s beyond it. Imagine yourself high enough above those mistake challenge and you’ll know, with absolute certainty, that you have what it takes to find a way to make it through.

    Reach deep inside, touch your true dreams, feel your authentic purpose, and step boldly forward. There’s no reason for anything to stop from needing a new start to living a positive, meaningful life…


    You must learn to draw the positives from the negatives. Understand that all of your mistakes happened because they were supposed to. They were meant for you to learn from to help you become a better person so you can establish a better life for yourself. Besides, if you never made mistakes, how could you ever learn? Did Einstein prove all his theories by being correct each and every time? Did Steve Jobs get his company to where it is now by not making any mistakes? Did the Wrights Brothers succeed in engineering an airplane on their very first try? 🙂 You see, we are meant to fail. However, we become better with each failure. An automobile today is better than it was 50 years ago. Same with an airplane, our livelihoods, buildings, science, technology, etc….we progress through failures. Even humanity is better today than it was 100 years ago. It’s progress is slower because it is something of major scale, however, we are more understanding than we were of each others a mere 50 years ago. We are more tolerant, more accepting, more integrated, more open and more loving.

    You, too, must do the same. You must progress through your failures. They’re essential. Without them, you would develop no personality, no traits, no dreams, no goals, no beliefs, no philosophies. You would be a mere blank. Don’t be one. Create something of yourself worth reliving when you are old. Thank all the mistakes you’ve made and the ones you are going to as they’re inescapable. Take them as they come and recognize the lesson in each of them. Do so each time and you’ll enrich your life. I promise.




    You are not your past actions, you are not the physical or emotional pains you feel. You are not the thoughts you have in your head (strange as that may sound). You are just a being who has had actions in the past, that feels things physically, that feels emotion, that thinks (probably too often). But none of those things are you.

    I’m sure you have had times where you have observed a feeling as it popped up, or noticed that you are thinking in a particular pattern that is common. That part of you that notices the thinking, that is you. Not the anger, or regret, those are neurons firing in your head. But consciousness (as much as I love science) can’t be explained very well. Whatever that is, that is you, and once you can observe that which you are not (your thoughts, feelings, actions, past) you will in a sense free yourself to feel differently.

    The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is very helpful for understanding this perspective.

    You’re not a terrible person by the way, terrible people have a tendency to not care that they might be terrible, that level of potential empathy and self awareness kind of disqualifies you from membership in the terrible person club.

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