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    Thank you for sharing your feelings. I know that is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have never shared an innermost detail about yourself like this before with others. You mentioned that you smile, and appear happy outwardly. Iv’e found from personal experience that it is those who keep it all inside themselves that tend to feel innermost suffering strong and often, and much of the time, it is this reason that people who have trouble speaking about their problems suffer from anxiety and depression. I know this all too well, as I fall into this category.

    This is all of course just my understanding or interpretation, so feel free to correct me if I do not understand it from your perspective.

    What I understand so far is that there is a part of you that is insisting on the isolation of your own feelings. You isolate because you feel anxiety and worry that other people will not truly understand your struggle. But on that note, you fall into depression with your struggle, because you have isolated your thoughts and feelings and are not receiving the care and understanding from others you feel you need. If you are never getting healthy perspective from other people, you begin to feel lonely and hopeless. Then, depression (from feeling lonely and hopeless over long periods of time) weighs you down, makes you sad, demotivates you, and causes you anxiety, which all at once can be so overwhelming that you feel disappearing would be better than living in that reality. That can be a vicious cycle. And a unique, complex, and complicated one depending on you as an individual.

    But, there is no way for you to actually know for certain if you are alone in the feelings you experience, as you have not openly talked about them to others. I myself have suffered from this cycle of anxiety and depression to the point of not wanting to exist. But, being too stubborn to believe that anyone could possibly understand, I shut out the possibility of talking to others, and I spiraled further into this cycle. I deluded myself, and caused my own mental suffering by not allowing myself to believe that I wasn’t completely alone, and therefore missed many opportunities to experience peace and tranquility of the mind. To be honest, the more i reflected on the feelings I felt, i realized that much of the suffering I felt was caused entirely by my own stubbornness and desire for others to understand me. Which I also realized is wonderful; Because if it is a problem within myself, and not outside myself, it means that I had the full control over the situation, where before, I felt I had no control.

    I’d like to note that was my own personal journey, and I am not saying that you are causing your suffering. I am only saying that you have more control than you give yourself credit for, and that you are allowed to become a person that is confident in yourself and your ability to become a happy person. I am a sad and anxious creature by nature, but even I have been able to change my perspective and frame of mind to that of one of peace and contentment.

    If I have any advice, it would be this:

    first, Do not discredit the power of your own mind, and your ability to heal this feeling of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. It can be done. You can live happily. It is definitely within reach, with a lot of self love, care, and confidence boosting.

    and second, Desire is a root cause of this kind of suffering. The more that you desire recognition, or expect others to understand you and to respond in the ‘right way’, whatever way that it may be that you crave from others, the further you isolate yourself, as you cannot control other peoples actions. This is not to say you shouldn’t talk to others about your feelings. But this is to warn that you should not allow your happiness and mood to rely entirely on the answers and level of care and understanding that others show to you. Your state of mind is for you to decide. A captain of a mighty ship mingles with the ocean, but it does not allow the ocean to take full control of it’s course. The captain continues on the course she has decided, no matter how the ocean behaves.

    The captain represents your soul. The ship is your mind, and the ocean represents other people and their social interactions with your consciousness. Even if they do not behave the way you would like, you cannot relinquish your mind to their control, as it would be chaos for you, the soul, inside. You have to steer yourself in the direction you desire, if you ever wish to make it to a specific place in life, physically or mentally.

    I hope that this was in some way helpful to you, even if it may not be 100% accurate to your state of being. Again, all of us here are just the ocean. You are the captain, you have to decide what works for you and what does not. Never forget your power. I am hoping for your happiness and well being!




    Hello there Lester,

    I agree with Anita that you should seek counseling, however i do think it’s safe to discuss some ideas here as well. Jealousy is a tricky emotion. It often comes to us in a way that is sudden, and powerfully overwhelming, and this makes it a very difficult emotion to maintain control over. However, one thing in particular that you mentioned makes me believe that your jealousy is not out of your control, which was:

    “The relationship is amazing so far, but there is something that threatens this relationship and that is my insecurities.”

    Right here, you are acknowledging your own issue. The very first step to solving any sort of emotional response that effects your life negatively, is being able to recognize the source of that issue. But this acknowledgement is actually a really big one; regardless of who you are with, this is a problem that will follow you. So even if you break up with the partner you have now, you will have to face the same issues later down the line, if you choose to date again, because it is not your partner that is the problem. You did acknowledged that your relationship is amazing, which tells me that you do value this person. With that in mind, and also the fact that this problem will have to be acknowledged and actively worked on at some point in time if you wish to have a meaningful relationship with anyone in the future, I definitely advise seeking help from a professional.



    Of course we do not know whether we will be here tomorrow, a year from now, or fifty years from now, and we certainly do not know if we will be with our current partner at a later time in our lives. But regardless of whether you do know or do not know the length of time you will be on this earth or if you will be with the same person, what I am hinting at is that this view that you hold is bigger than both of those things. Your tendency to focus on physical beauty is a trait that you carry inside yourself, that will continue to effect you through changing circumstances in your life.

    I am not saying you will be with the same partner in the long run, but what I am saying is that this view, which will not lead to lasting happiness, will continue to follow you through life, even if you do not stay with your current partner. And if you aren’t able to shift your focus onto what is important while you are young, you may end up up unhappy when you are older, if you are with a partner, and hold this view that physical appearance is important, because looks fade. So by shifting the part of your mind that gives you a sexual reaction when you see a certain visual, to allowing your sexuality to not be directly connected only to visual stimulus, you can end your doubt in your current relationship, and prevent future suffering in future relationships.

    I am saying this out of personal expirience. The world we live in teaches us from a young age that the physical way that certain things look is directly connected to sexual gratification, but this is not true. What feels best about sex, is how it feels. Not how it looks. You simply have trained your brain’s sexual response to react strongly to physical appearances. But this can be changed with practice, to ignite the same reaction to other stimulus, such as touch and sound and words feelings and an infinite number of things, so that you can still be 100% sexually satisfied with your partner.

    In fact, since I learned to redirect my own sexual response, ive had exponentially better sex than when my sexual response was focused solely on visual. For example, ive chosen to relate my sexual response to be directly correlated with how I feel for someone, so that just being around them puts me in the mood. This has many benefits. First and foremost, I am in the mood more often. Second, their appearance is irrelevant to me, so this often makes your partner more confident and improves their performance, as it allows them to know that they are not being judged on their physical appearance and they can let go of their inhibition. Third, the deep sexual connection strengthens your bond with your partner, and ive found that the feelings of elation during and after sex are stronger. And fourth, it brings peace of mind to let go, and not judge someone who you should be loving and enjoying good feelings and great sexual experiences with.




    If what you seek is happiness, someone who loves you, and someone who is forgiving of how you physically change over time, seeking a relationship based only on physical attraction to your partner is not the way. It seems that perhaps you need to re-evaluate what your true priorities are, and make a decision based on that conclusion.

    The mind and body are always at odds, but one tells the truth, and the other one lies. Your physical urges tell you that the most important beauty a person has is what you see visually, and that in order for you to be happy, you must be visually attracted to your partner. But if we think about this, looks are not permanent, and they are ever changing. There are many things that can be done to change the physical world and physical body. We can change our clothes, we can change our hair, we can change our weight, and with modern cosmetic procedures we can even change each individual feature on our body.

    But I ask you, do looks make you laugh? Do they make you smile? Do they love you for who you are? When you are alone, do they fill the emptiness? When you are sad, do they understand your innermost feelings, listen to them, and comfort you? what good do any of those temperal things do when your skin is wrinkled and your hair grey?

    You may see a mirage in the desert, but if foolishly you decide to follow your eyes, you will perish in the hot sun, never having been able to find life sustaining water.

    Physical beauty cannot be true beauty, because it is simply a mirage that fades away. True beauty is looking into the soul of someone who wants nothing but the best for you. Its the comfort of knowing that no matter how this physical world changes over time, and how you physically change over time, that someone sees the real you, and believes you deserve happiness. It is warm heartedness and forgiveness.

    <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>If you choose to follow only your eyes, you certainly will end up dissatisfied, because even when the senses are elated, the mind and soul will continue to hunger for something deeper.</span>

    Just food for thought.

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