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    US cities turned Christmas weekend into bloodbaths. The US government is releasing more “thugs” to roam the streets and cause more havoc. Sort of like living in a bigger city where the residents live behind bars and the criminals run free… yeesh.

    Globally, have we really reached the point where leaders use off-the-cuff Tweets, animated .gif’s, press conferences, etc. to call each other names? It’s about like watching kindergartners in a name-calling slap-fight on the playground while the world burns. I wonder what Nero could have done with modern technology…

    Heck, the media out here ran a nuclear preparedness type thing this week. Umm… err… yeah… I still like the old Cold War poster that described the steps of preparedness: 1) bend over; 2) spread legs; 3) kiss your arse goodbye. Do people really think that such a conflict is “survivable”?

    It seems that as the end of 2016 draws nigh, people have lost a great deal of common sense and control. I just hope that things hang together long enough for common sense to return.


    Adam P

    Hi there XenopusTex,
    In simple terms: don’t worry about when things may improve or get better with the state of the world. Just be concerned with your state from within. That way you will be able to traverse the choppy waters that surround you in this thing called life. Letting the external elements disrupt it from within is the reason why there is chaos and unrest.
    Stay informed of what’s going on around you, but not too informed and continue to focus on your inner self everyday.
    Thank you and take care



    Hi Xenopus Tex,

    When most of the younger generation in our family were freaking out that Trump won, this is what I told them: Now, more than ever, do we become part of local politics and causes. Now more than ever do we protect our local communities and environment and make sure everyone in it is fed, warm and safe. There is no Them. We ARE Them. Therefore we must get involved.



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    Inky: I kind of disagree on the “There is no Them. We are them.” thing. Same for making sure that everyone is fed, warm, and safe. In doing the last three things, you wind up encouraging people to stay while simultaneously decreasing the safety. There’s a local saying… -40F keeps the riff-raff out. As people became more “compassionate,” crime, etc. increased during the winter. The more people worried about the “safety” of the vagrants, the more the vagrants congregated and the more they would hang around towns panhandling, urinating/defecating wherever they chose, and stealing whatever wasn’t welded down. This “compassion” is killing communities and not just places like San Francisco where structural damage is occurring due to the amounts of human urine and/or feces being applied. Last time I was in Billings, MT could see last night’s pools of vomit and urine in building entrances and noticed that several businesses had closed.

    Sorry, but I work hard for my money, and I’m not even getting a raise this year due to budgetary issues. I have little patience or sympathy for people not willing to get off their butt and do something productive. We’ve seen the results of getting something for just having been conceived and delivered, and it doesn’t work. What is wrong with expecting people to be productive and to have the common sense to at least be prepared to survive in the environment that they travel to? Why is it my, or my neighbor’s problem when “Bob” slithers into town in a “wifebeater” and sweatpants in the middle of winter and discovers that… no, you can’t get a 6-figure job with 5 felony convictions, current parole status, no training, “Dead Beat” tattooed on your knuckles, and personal hygiene that would make Pig-Pen vomit?

    Also, when there is an influx of California and Illinois gang-bangers who bring with them prostitutes, drugs, and violence, it is an us and them situation. The same thing holds true for periodic influxes of Aryan Brotherhood types from Northern Idaho and other areas, who bring their own version of sex, drugs, and violence.

    I was thinking more along the lines of the global craziness that seems to have erupted in various countries. Everybody wants to push everybody’s else’s buttons. Kind of like the prelude to WWI. The difference being “Big Bertha” and the “Paris gun” were the height of technology in the 1910’s. The height of technology today involves dropping multi-megaton displays of canned sunshine on multiple targets.

    There is also the craziness in the US that seems to espouse “criminals are our ‘misunderstood’ friends.” Any wonder why we’re experiencing record overdoses, a runaway heroin problem, etc. when our leader keeps releasing “non-violent” drug dealers? It truly can’t be a good thing to reduce the sentence on say, somebody who imported >1 metric ton (1,000Kg) of marijuana. Yet, that’s the message being sent. Perhaps it is these “misunderstood friends” who keep trying to pry their way into my house?

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