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    I am in a bit of a conflicted state. After a great deal of ups and downs over the years, i have managed to heal a lot. I have also stopped being so harsh on how imperfect my body is and am growing to accept it more and more. The thing is, i am clinically overweight in reality. However, despite knowing that those extra pounds, about 10-16 pounds being shed would be good for me, i somehow feel like it is clashing with my need to accept my body in its current state.

    I am surrounded by friends who are obsessed with maintaining that perfect body and look. They see even a little bit of weight gain and go nuts. They tell me i am really lazy and i should eat less stuff which will make me fat. A part of me is rebelling in a twisted way…i dunno..

    So my question is, what is true acceptance for one’s body? How do i reconcile the two conflicting thoughts?


    I have dealt and deal with these ideals-and what I have grown to understand-is that these do not have to be two conflicting ideals. For me, when I am loving and accepting my body, my choices about food and exercise seem to follow in a positive direction and along with my positive thinking. Your body-separate from you mind-knows what is needs, and once I learned this and learned to listen to it and APPRECIATE above making those ‘healthy’ choices I,personally, found that I could better respect my body and give it what it needed-in my case I do enjoy exercising. One of the biggest things I figured out my body needed and wasn’t giving it was sleep, and by giving it that I felt so much better, and everything else has wise has to seemed to follow once I did give my body those few extra hours a night. So my answer your question in listening to your body, and understanding what it needs, and I am still learning to do this, is that true acceptance for one’s body is.


    The advice of “listen to your body” doesn’t always workout so great. Sometimes my body just tells me to run to mcdonalds and get a large coke. That doesn’t help with wanting to be healthy and losing weight.

    I have always had a perfect skinny body, but due to my psychosis, I must now take pills, and these pills cause me to overeat. Now I’m a slightly chubby 19 year old and I hate it. I have never been to this weight and the extra pounds don’t feel and look right on me. It’s hard to accept my body, but it is as it is, so I have. I’m joining the I’m excited to join the YMCA tomorrow and plan to go there almost daily.

    I like that new car commercial with the three fat mouses that work out and get totally transformed, with Lady gaga’s song in the backround. I will go crazy on cardio and do some weight lifting. Hopefully in no time I will regress, and surpass my old sexy body


    Jess, this is an eternal battle for many women. I wrote a blog entry on this topic. There is no simple answer for this but if your friends are telling you that you’re lazy, that’s just hurtful regardless of anything. Don’t listen to them. You do have to be healthy but healthy doesn’t come in a size. If you feel good and you are healthy, love yourself.

    Body Image – Eternal Battle with Yourself

    Jennifer Bardall

    Hi Jess,

    First of all, your friends need to take their opinions elsewhere. You know that, right? I mean it’s none of their business. They’re just projecting their own obvious insecurities on to you.

    Here’s the only thing that matters: Are you comfortable where you are? Don’t take into account what the scale says or what you’re “supposed” to weigh. How do you FEEL? If you feel tired, sluggish, uncomfortable, by all means take measures to make yourself feel better. Eat foods which will energize you, work out in whatever way is fun for you – I love dancing around the house while cleaning, doing zumba classes via videos I find on youtube, stretching, walking, whatever. You don’t need to work out in a gym – just move your body.

    Understand that if you have the feeling that you need to accept your body as it is, you have to honor that feeling. The fact is, it’s the only choice any of us have: Making the most of what we have in the moment. Far too often we put off feeling good about ourselves to some other time in the future – once we’ve lost weight, or once we find a relationship, or once we have a bunch of money in the bank. It’s such a waste of time and energy. I applaud you for wanting to accept yourself the way you are in the moment – it’s the only way to be happy.

    And again, if you want to make changes, do them out of love, because they make you feel good/positive/energetic/healthy. Not because there are other people in your life who feel the need to impress their own twisted ideas on to you. You’re better than that.

    ((HUGS)) to you! Hang in there, okay?

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    Be comfortable with your image but do not settle. When you settle it is because you feel safe and secure and life is no fun when you live the same life over and over again. Always strive to progress.

    I believe that our body’s are representations of our mind so if you have an unhealthy body, so is your mind and that will result in unhealthy(negative) emotions. It doesn’t matter if they’re towards others or yourself, it is not beneficial. Change is the only thing certain in life and I think ALL of us should try to change a little (for the better of course) every day.

    You don’t have to look like a super model but make an effort to live a healthier life. Don’t do it because you will look better, do it because it will add longevity to your life and your body (the most important vehicle which you use to travel every day) will feel much better. You will have more motivation to do the things you love and your mind will be congruent with your desires as long as it’s working as it should. If it’s one thing I learned in and about life, it’s you get what you put in.

    If you go on youtube and look up a video called ‘Action vs. Fear’ I think it’ll help get my point across. It’s made by 6packshortcuts. Good luck!

    Big blue

    Hi Anonymous,

    My best advice to you is to accept yourself and then (if you are not already doing these things…) eat the right foods at certain times during the day, and to exercise throughout the week. I recommend strength exercises be in the mix. These are processes that will keep you as fit as you are, or even fitter. Good habits to lay down now in your life. If you need a little help with knowledge and discipline, a nutritionist and a trainer will help. As the weeks go by, this becomes fun – something you enjoy.

    Big blue

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    As a person who has been there many times before I totally understand you!
    I have been starting as an obese kid (around 220 lbs, age 15)
    Lessons I have learnt:

    – If you want to get in shape, go and do it! But do it for yourself, for better health, mood and general life quality
    – If you are insecure with 250 pounds, you will be the same insecure with 150 lbs (it’s in your head)
    – If you feel good in your current body, don’t let the society dictate you the social norms and standards
    – If you don’t feel good and healthy, then totally go for it. It is worth every minute invested

    I am healthy 180 lbs with 6’0 male. I am somewhat healthy and feeling happy 😀


    First of all, there is no such thing as FAT, you have fat and it can be sorted if you take responsibility of yourself. I was 98 KGS, fat gal trying to lose weight and cribbing about almost everything in life unless one day i decided that i am the one who is responsible for this, i am going to correct it.Instead of hurting your self confidence, stand up, make a plan and start working out. It took me 7 months to get in shape and today i am fit, i wouldn’t thank anyone for that because i was responsible enough to make changes for myself and after that big decision my life just got so much better. I want you to work your ass off and make yourself a better you because if you won’t then who will? You have got one life, get up and be who you want to be, it won’t be easy but dear it will be the best decision of your life 🙂 If you need motivation, watch this video http://viralexpose.com/motivational/these-girls-are-making-themselves-proud-what-about-you/ everyday so that it lightens your fire everytime you see and make you the better you.



    The reason there is a saying to accept your body is not to tell you that you should be overweight but to tell its okay where you are and not hate yourself for it.

    See I am also overweight and that is okay with me. I know how to lose weight. You remove all junk food and exercise half hour – hour per day. Pretty simple. So I am following that for month and half now. Even though I haven’t seen changes in my body. I know my habits of eating and working out have changed. I have seen I have got physically stronger. I also know that it will take time.

    Watch Chris Pratt video of providing advice to fan about weight loss. He said in such an awesome and nice way.

    Speak up when your friend say something by moving the direction of the conversation.

    Passionate Self


    Body acceptance is all about self-love but at the same time you can take daily actions that reflect that care and love…(ie: clean eating, movement, self-care)
    If you want to hop on the phone for a complementary session let me know.
    Carla xo


    I struggled with this recently when I put on weight at college. I gained about 17 pounds and am now actively trying to loose them. I think it is possible to accept your body but want to change it. For me, it was hard to accept that I could no longer fit into my size 0 jeans. I would always try them on, see they wouldn’t fit and get discouraged. However once I bit the bullet and went out and got jeans a size bigger that actually fit, I felt so much about myself than I did trying on those jeans that didn’t fit. I accept the size I am. But I do count calories, go to the gym etc. I was always the person that ate when bored. So now if I’m just hanging out I’ll chew gum or keep my water bottle hanging around and drink that. I feel healthier than I did when I weighed less. Be happy with the size you are now, accept that, but also accept that change is good and that if you follow a healthy lifestyle, not only will you lose some weight but you feel even better by being healthy.

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