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    After my recent and final break-up with my on again, off again partner I have been feeling quite lonely. A lot of my time was invested into the relationship, both in person and away from each other where we would spend most of the day texting back and forth. The loss of this relationship has left kind of a void in my life.

    I found that I often don’t really know what to do with myself anymore. The vast majority of my closest friends have settled down so I don’t get to socialise with them as much as I used to.

    Today, I have decided that I don’t need to feel like this. Things can and will get better for me, but I need to make positive changes myself to evoke positive changes in my life.

    I have started to plan my days ahead, listing three things that I want to do that day. For example, today I went to work, donated blood and then went to the gym. Tomorrow I’m going to clean my room, go to visit a friend and her new born and then to watch a friend’s gig in the evening.

    This new system that I have set myself has already made me feel significantly more optimistic and it helps me to see that my life isn’t so empty and lonely after all.

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    Maria Mango

    This is fantastic, peace and happiness really are a choice and you’ve mindfully chosen to embrace both! It’s very heartwarming and inspiring to see someone make that bold decision! Keep up the momentum and have fun out there 🙂




    Thank you, Maria 🙂



    Great job!  Sounds like your heading down the right path for yourself!  Finding happiness without a partner is the hardest thing in the crazy world!  We are taught from a young age to seek out companionship, to settle down and build a life with someone else to complete ourselves.  But truly and honestly if we cannot find happiness singularly, can we really give 100% of our self to another?  Your daily goals list is fantastic!  A fabulous way to keep perspective and bring some tangibility to everyday.  Keep up your hard work and great outlook Holly!

    Breathing In

    Holly, I have been visiting and recommending this wonderful website for a long time, and just reading your post prompted me to finally register (which, in itself has had an incredible effect on my spirit!).  Your honesty and generosity have really helped me to see how I am weighing myself down for no good reason, and following your example makes it really simple to make my day entirely different than it would have been!  I will follow your advice instead right now and have a wonderful day!  Thank you!


    Hi Holly,

    I love your Three Things plan! It reminds me of a saying: “When the lute is strung too tight it breaks, and when it is strung too loose it does not play”. Three is an awesome number! Four you can get frustrated if something doesn’t get done, and one or two could seem unfulfilling at the end of the day. No one can argue with the Three Things!!

    Thank you for inspiring!


    Henry Alec McLeod

    You seem like a successful person, keep it up.


    I’m blown away by the response this post has received!
    Thanks everyone for their kind words.

    CB3 – That’s so true. I spent years trying to find someone else to love without really learning to love myself first, which is so important! Thank you for your response!

    Breathing In – That’s so lovely to hear! This website quickly had a positive effect on me as well when I first registered. It’s so wonderful to hear that another person has taken my idea on board and is giving it a go themselves, I do hope it works as well for you as it is me.

    Inky – Absolutely! Although I haven’t stuck to the three things a day as strictly as planned, I have already noticed a significant increase in productivity and feel so much more motivated because of it. Thank you for your response!

    Henry Alec McLoed – Thank you!

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    • This reply was modified 4 years, 2 months ago by Holly.
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