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    Dear all,

    I don’t know why, as celebrity deaths rarely ever affect me, but since I heard about Anthony Bourdain’s passing, I’ve been feeling so out of sorts. I had been experiencing bouts of anxiety on and off for the last few months, but this news has made it even worse. I cannot stop thinking about it and I’ve been feeling so down and low. It’s as if I knew him and I lost someone close to me.

    I guess in many ways I identified with him. He was an incredible storyteller, and as a writer I deeply admired his work. I’d listen to the voice overs on his shows and think “God, I wish I could write like him.” I love how he was outspoken about the metoo movement, how he defended minorities, how he wasn’t afraid to use his voice. I always detected a deep sadness in him, though.

    I guess I’m writing about this here because I feel that if I share this with friends or family they’ll find it strange that I’ve been so deeply affected by the death of someone I hadn’t even met. I’m not sure what to do to make myself feel better. Has anyone else felt this way about a celebrity death in the past? How did you handle it?





    I too am deeply affected by Bourdain’s death.  I also not one to follow celebrities or their deaths.  I have been a viewer of some of his shows and I was struck that he was a frank, down-to-earth Everyman who embraced the ordinary as extraordinary, who empathized with the culture and it’s people.

    I find myself looking for tributes, especially from those from other ethnicities whom he touched along the way.

    How do I handle his death?  I see the meaning of his life.  I look to how I can bring what I admire of his life into how I live my own life.  I believe one way to deal with the passing of those who were important in our lives is to recognize what were those good bits of them that I can acknowledge and maybe incorporate and bring forward in my life.

    With Bourdain, I saw him speaking his truth frankly, whether advocating for the Latinos in the restaurant industry or being a heroin addict at one time.  I want to be that authentic.  I also want to bring more of his compassion for other cultures and ethnicities as well.




    Dear Hopeful33:

    I felt sad too about Anthony Bourdain, not knowing him myself either. I was curious about what kind of suffering brought about his suicide. Thinking once again that indeed wealth and fame does not make up for the suffering inn-between-one’s-ears. Yet, it didn’t affect me the way it affected you.

    You wrote: “It’s as if I knew him and I lost someone close to me”. You wrote that you are a writer and you admired his writing, that you loved how outspoken he was, that “he wasn’t afraid to use his voice” and that you “always detected a deep sadness in him”.

    Maybe you project into his image your own deep sadness and that is what makes it feels like you knew him, that is, you feel like he was as sad as you are, deep inside?


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    Hi Hopeful33,

    The same thing happened to me when I’ve heard about Avicii’s suicide last April (He’s a Swedish musician, I hope you now him). I really feel special connection with his songs – they inspire me to live life to the fullest, be carefree and ultimately break up with my abusive ex-boyfriend. So it totally came as a shock to me to find out he killed himself when the message of his songs is about basically living a happy and meaningful life? I cried thrice inconsolably during the first few weeks, but I dont know him personally but his work touched my heart and soul. And he was so young. 🙁 Then Kate Spade, then Anthony. He inspired me to go to India since I was 12 (I’m still working on this though. Im a female and it’s a bit dangerous to go there alone).

    So you’re not alone Hopeful33, I guess we can make an effort on our part to help those in need and be more sensitive with the people around us.







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