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    Hello All,

    I notice that a LOT of people who post in Relationships and other forums have debilitating or even crippling anxiety.  I am curious how people are dealing with the core cause.  I have been fortunate in having a pretty healthy upbringing; loving parents, etc.  The mild anxiety I did have I was able to get rid of it from an energy healing modality called Body Talk.

    What are your experiences in alleviating or eliminating the core of your anxiety?


    cali sister


    not only is it about upbringing, but it is also a mental disease. i come from a scientific background have extensively studied how these diseases come about. everyone may not agree with this, but this is my take.

    for me, my anxiety is rooted in my genetics as well as what i have been through. for me, the most helpful is uncovering all the truths of my life, journaling, and taking time to heal. today for example, i have set aside time to read my posts from here and heal and write.

    therapy is very effective but not always possible depending on money and work schedule.

    my take on medications: america is medication happy. what most people really need is support and to be listened to. medications make the process of getting better easier, but like you said, you have to deal with the core cause.


    Thanks for addressing this question caligirl.

    I believe there is an epigenetic component which drives the mental disease component.

    When I read how you and others struggle with your anxiety, I am pained by your pain.

    I admire you concerted effort in helping yourself and how you share your challenges and struggles here.

    I am curious what is your ethnic/cultural background.  I know how our lives are part of a larger system, not only from our immediate family but our family lineage and ethnicity (epigenetic), cultural influences as well as our biology (genetic).


    cali sister

    answer to your question: indian

    Isaac Wechuli

    I always had anxiety and the best way i dealt with it is believing that there is a Higher Intelligence which has control over life and that it ensures that everything that happens happens for the good


    The brain chemical Serotonin is maybe the most important of the chemicals because it is involved in both anxiety and depression.    Serotonin levels can dip from chronic inner or external stress thus leading to anxiety.  The 2 most effective natural things that I do to control my anxiety are vigorous aerobic exercise (I’m a runner) and lots of time outdoors in the sunlight.   Both of these release serotonin which calms you and helps with a positive mood.  I also cut out caffeine because a stimulant makes anxiety much worse.  For very serious cases of anxiety, medication may be needed.


    Dear Mark,

    I have always had anxiety, but it was always very mild and it never disrupted my daily life. Since being in a situation ( as you know from my posts) i;e moving to another country and being alone, my anxiety got very bad. To the point i get very anxious to put petrol on my own in case i have to ask for help, or when i go to a shop and have to ask for assistance in case they think im stupid. I get anxious when i drive somewhere that i dont know, or go somewhere i dont know. I was never this way and its horrible. I sometimes get anxiety attacks when i get into a fight with my partner or family or friends, i used to rely on xanax to calm me down. I was also prescribed anti depressants and sleeping tabs for my insomnia. I opted for sleeping tabs until i got into a proper sleep cycle and i weaned myself off them which wasnt easy as i got slightly addicted. The anti depressants i decided not to take. Its been 2 months now ive stopped everything, even the xanax. I am going to Reiki energy healing sessions that have helped me a lot, meditating, reading self help and educational books and overall eating healthy and its really helped. My anxiety is starting to get better. 🙂


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