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    Manue Tyson

    What form of art do you use to overcome your depression?

    Drawing, painting, journaling, crafting, sewing, cross stitching, playing an instrument, …?


    Hi Manuetyson

    Every form of art that involves other people should be good enough.
    Personally, I like to draw.
    I would suggest you to read this topic: ‘Let’s Conquer anxiety, depression and stress together!’

    With kindness,


    I guess I love watercolour painting the most – just mixing inks colours together, applying and blending the paints makes me really happy. I also like to do zentangle drawing every now and again (I haven’t really been doing much of this lately, I should). Sometimes I just write things in a notebook – I would hesitate to call myself a poet but sometimes I just write certain words and phrases that are going through my mind, kind of like a stream of consciousness thing.


    playing music with others is always very healing. there’s a very natural communication that occurs without needing to speak, immediately i feel less alone and my depression becomes less debilitating and a little bit more manageable.

    journaling and writing poems or really anything is also helpful. putting my thoughts down on paper makes it easier to process and work through, and if by chance i can turn them into a poem or create something nice out of them then i feel a sense of fulfillment.

    creativity in any form is healing. being able to create something be it a song, poem or piece of artwork, something you can cherish and find beauty in, is in its essence taking your pain and giving it a purpose, taking something ugly and hurtful and making it something beautiful and worthwhile.


    I write. I can’t tell you how much writing has helped me fight depression. I guess it has to do with putting my thoughts on paper or on my blog. Whatever I’m feeling or thinking, I write it down. It’s a great relief.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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