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    Hello everyone

    I have a problem and i feel guilty because of my impulsivity

    On 2017 i dated my baby daddy, i knew him since we were young, he moved and live in another town because he lost all his family and had to live with his aunt

    It was the same night we were together er i fell pregnant, i knew he had 1 son who was 11 years old and after i was pregnant i found out he has another son, i stayed anyway

    We stayed together throughout the whole pregnancy, until i wad 8 months , he had to move to the city for work. By then communication faded

    I gave birth on march 2018, he never came to see the baby, we fought i said words i shouldn’t have said about his dad, and we broke up, we communicated again in june then again break all communication, then again on november he said he is coming home, he never came to see the baby i got so angry and confronted him.

    He gave his new gf a phone she insulted me and call my son a fatherless badtard, i got angry again and said his just like his father since his father is also not in his life, long story short, i ended up saying atleast i never made abortion like his mother who cheated on his dad and got to fake doctors and kill a baby, then she died

    I regret saying this and i cry everynight about this

    I forget this when i am around my family but when i am alone i feel depressed and miserable , i even have nightmares of my future husband leaving me for another woman.

    I feel like it’s always my fault that i ruined my relationship with my baby daddy


    Hi Again!

    I commented on your other post.

    I still hold firm of the opinion that there should be a court ordered DNA test, and that he should pay child support.

    Seek out his father and siblings. They should have a relationship with their grandchild/niece or nephew.

    Seek out your baby’s half siblings. Commiserate with the other baby mommas. He should see ALL his children and pay ALL of them child support. You guys can even all go in on the lawyer fees!

    Just because he is a jerk doesn’t mean he should get away with doing the wrong thing. The Law should intervene and make him do the right thing.

    What’s his girlfriend going to do? Call all his children fatherless bastards? Insult the judge? Keep fighting his battles for him? Why is she fighting to be girl #4??


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    McCloud Antonov

    Hello Prudence.

    My dear friend you insulted your own husband in a cooing ways.  And perhaps  I think he has acknowledged your abuse to his iota.  I personally say go to him directly and don’t rely your message to anyone but go to him and tell him how much you valued him and how you feels about him as a father of your son.  Let him know you are a part of his life not the gf that he had at the moment.  Just tried to bite the bullet and tell our the truth from the bottom of your heart.

    Isn’t good for your son to grow up when one of you is apart.  I know the pain you are dear but we would try to help how you can tackle him to come back. Never give up and don’t accept anything smooth in your life.

    Life is all about struggling.

    All the best.

    McCloud Antonov

    Be strong too 

    McCloud Antonov

    Have heart ? and tried to treat your language my dear. I know you are in a deep pain as per the situation stated .

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