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    I have a problem with binge eating… If I buy something junky – I eat EVERYTHING. I’m not really sure why I do this or how to stop. Plus, I eat junk and then I eat it the next day & the next…

    I am a super slim woman who has always felt awesome about her body (maybe not other parts of myself at all, but I feel good about my body) so I suppose since I was a teenager I have just been into the habit of eating whatever I want and feeling like it didn’t matter. But I know, that I have used food to numb my pain (not anymore, but when I was young; so maybe this is where by binge nature comes from) and it’s a big, big source of pleasure for me. I think it’s a really bad attachment. But I am not sure how to get over it. If I start eating then I don’t want to stop because I enjoy it, so I just keep going (even though after the first bite it’s not even that great). Maybe I am striving to deal with some emptiness..

    Since being in college I actually ate super healthily, because I was really aware of the effect that food had on my well-being. But since leaving, and having the corner store across the road (and maybe feeling bored or like food was the most fun I could have (without taking my clothes off…kidding :)), I binge eat at least a few days a week mostly… whether it’s a meal out or eating the whole packet of biscuits (ew).

    My boyfriend and I always make food this fun thing we do – like go out to eat or eat junky, delicious things at the weekend. I really don’t think this is a good habit. We enjoy cooking healthy meals – so should I move the focus to that? And enlist his help to eat better and stop making food the fun thing we do? I still want to enjoy food, like an awesome pizza – i don’t want to lose that – but this is adding pain to my life.

    Please advise ^_^

    Thank you so much :)!

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    Hi Kristen,

    Food is awesome and should be celebrated! Also, to “binge eat” was called “feasting” in the old days. It was allowed because of general food scarcity and a shorter life span. In the dawn of time for humanity, if you somehow procured food on the savannah, you had better eat all of it before any other predator/scavenger did!

    Make the corner store and eating with your boyfriend into weekly events. So my weaknesses are the deli, take out and D&D/Starbucks. I go to each place once a week. That’s it! I have any “fix” of Coke/Frapp/pizza/Chinese/chicken cutlet smothered in too much mayo/BLT/drink of seasonal badness/etc. knowing that whatever else I crave is waiting for me next week. That there will be Coke later. That I can scarf on garlic bread later.

    Turn your two “sins” into once a week events. Space them out so you don’t go crazy, like going out weekends, store Wednesday. But maybe buy only one junky thing at the store!!

    And enjoy!

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    Ahhh thank you so much lovely Inky :)! Perfect, wise advice :)! Take out is such a massive one of mine as well :D! And we loveee mayonaise haha :D. I’ll definitely limit the enjoyment to twice a week; and thank you for not making every ‘junky’ meal seem like a shame fest :).

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