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    Since you guys published this on Twitter:

    The people you meet are either reflections of a repeated cycle or guides toward a new start. Notice the difference.


    How do I know the difference between the two? how can I tell if the person I’m with is the one or not


    Thanks in advance



    Hi Omar

    Not sure what the intention of the tweet. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

    In psychology (mirror neuron) we discover much about ourselves through the reflection of others. We “see” and to ‘know’ our selves through the “eyes” of others.  Consciousness needs something to ‘push off against – you’re not conscious of cold until you also noticed warm.

    Life is a continuous cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Life demands growth (phycological/spiritual growth requires ‘death’ – not literal but death as in letting go, doing better when we learn better. Letting go is difficult because it ‘feels’ like dying to the ego).

    Unconsciously we tend repress and not fully understand our pain and fear and how it has influenced us and distorted our ‘seeing/knowing’ our authentic selves. To heal our pain, we unconsciously recreate the past with those we are in relationship with hoping that they might ‘reflect’ back to us, in such away that that we better ‘see/know’ ourselves. Healing the past as we become conscious of how we were influence by the past and then doing better when we know better.

    Each person we meet then is an opportunity for growth and healing.  – note both people in relationship are participating in this cycle at the same time, healing and being healed. In a healthy relationship with healthy boundaries each will learn and heal each other. In unhealthy co-dependency relationships the fears and hurt feed off each other fears and hurt. Repeating the cycle not to heal but to re-enforce it. (Both situation we can grow from if we become conscious of it and create the healthy boundaries to avoid re-enforcement.)

    The people we are in relationship with are reflections of a repeated cycle however when made conscious, in hindsight, will be thought of as being guides to a new start.




    Are you referring to someone or something specific?

    If so then please elaborate.




    Hi Omar,

    We don’t know if it’s a mere repeated cycle until we run into difficulty. Then we know.

    And new starts can begin within ourselves.





    I’m So thankful for all the replies.

    much appreciated

    Special Thanks to Peter


    Stay Blessed

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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