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    I no longer believe in love or change.

    I have been lurking on the tiny Buddha web site for the last few weeks, reading the articles and posts and even some times replying, in the hope I think that I might reconnect to what I had once believed to be true.

    What I have learned from reading the various posts and other happening in the world is that we are doomed to repeat our past and replay the same drama over and over again. Oh we want to change but we won’t. Love does not conquer all, it does not conquer fear. Love doesn’t even make most people happy in the long run.

    What are we doing?

    Why don’t movements behind the creation of sites such as the Tiny Buddha change things?
    Does the elimination of the ego and desire leave us so empty that we no longer expect or even ask for better?

    Ten years ago I was optimistic that we could create positive change in the world and yet time and time again more often than not we just let life happen.

    If the way of the West has failed so has the way of the East.

    I’m a hamster on a wheel going nowhere because there is no ‘where’ to go.
    Love is just a joke.


    Dear Peter:

    I remember reading a reply you posted about love. I couldn’t reply to your reply because neither you nor I were the Original Poster of that thread. What I was wondering then and still wondering now is: what are you referring to by “love”? How do you define love (in context of this thread)?



    Peter, I have been struggling with this concept of love and living in the moment. Your comment, “Does the elimination of the ego and desire leave us so empty that we no longer expect or even ask for better?” especially struck me. In my particular situation, I am seeing a couple’s counselor with my girlfriend. This is my first real attempt at a healthy relationship and my first attempt since starting my Buddhist practice. There are certain key aspects basically missing from our relationship. Our friendship is very strong. The “in love” part of the relationship needs a lot of work. However, at almost any given moment I can say, “I am ok.” and that’s the truth. However, overall I am unhappy with my relationship missing these key aspects of a love relationship. I struggle to converge my desire and need for a truly healthy loving relationship with being ok with a friendship in the moment-to-moment of daily life. I want better. I have asked for better. I feel my ego is controlling this desire and at the same time, love relationships are based on certain factors being present. I am happy, yet not. UGH!


    There can never be full on change in this World, because there will always be those to lead people astray. There is great profit for those in power of people are disconnected from each other and what love is. The only thing you can do is act in accordance to selfless LOVE as those who came who have made impact on the world did before we came. You do this by serving others, by serving others you are changing not only your reality, but also theirs and as many saints and sages have said before “by serving the creation, you are serving the creator.” If the creator created out of love then there can be no higher love than that. You can never change the whole world though, you can plant a seed and tend to it and it will grow and spread other seeds, but just as in everything else some die failing to spread seed. Just as fast or even faster as your tree can grow the weeds grow and corrupt. Even if you can not change the world doesn’t mean that you should do as everyone else does. It is possible to jump off the wheel by realizing that the greatest good is love, the best way to embrace this love is in serving others. Realize that we have the choice that we can live always striving for some material thing, fulfilling some physical pleasure, trying to find happiness in things, accolades, physical experiences, and satisfying our base pleasures while others can barely satisfy their basic needs.


    Thank you all for all the responses.

    I wrote the post after the US election and the disappointment I felt at seeing the American people fall under the influence of the shadow. Historically when nations give into the shadow it does not end well

    It had been my hope that the movement of awakening consciousness would have rallied and point to a better way. Instead I saw the movement rendered helpless, we would not change and history will repeat itself. Worse I saw no energy to engage.

    I understand that the principle of polarity and rhythm are realties of nature and that light changes to dark through the swing of the pendulum and that this realty are attributes of love as light and dark are not opposites but part of each other. Still I had hope.

    I read the posts on the site and am equally discouraged as I hear story after story of people repeating there history in hopes of this time for sure things will change.

    I am discouraged

    Does accepting the world as it is, life as it is, mean we stop standing up for our truths as we understand them in the moment. Yes open to learning to do better when we know better but still be must stand.

    Its sounds like a contradiction to simultaneously stand for your truths and act while at the same time accepting life as it is and that the present is exactly where it is meant to be. This is love

    Only I’m not sure it worth it anymore.

    Today is Remembrance Day. We remember so that we don’t repeat past horrors and yet as the services end and the people walk away we do forget.

    I apologies for the rambling and what likely sounds like babble. I know what it is I want to say but seldom know how to say it.

    I am disappointed that Love does not conquer all as the bitter and sweet, light and the dark are also qualities of love. I just tired of being in a time of darkness.

    Melanie you my find David Richo book – How to be an Adult in relationships helpful.
    Our expectations on what love should look and feel like within committed relationships are often at odds and can get in the way of the intimacy you are seeking. We tend to keep looking for that something and because we are always looking miss the moments when we have it.


    You are love! If you cannot express love to others, you’ll never know love by waiting for it to come to you. In giving, we receive. It’s the way love works. Try it!


    I know you are correct Jeena
    I’m just disappointed that the movement of awakening to this awareness changes so very little. The pendulum still must swing.
    And this is the time of the shadow.

    Nina Sakura


    Change comes from within and the world begins to look different though it is still the same.

    How this change comes differs from person to person.



    Peter, you’ve got to get into Gnosticism. It will satisfactorily answer all of your questions.

    The New Age people are laboring under the impression that this world is about to change for the better. It is not, and I will tell you why. The power of the human Ego is far too great and it is pretty much impossible to defeat. Those having a ‘spiritual awakening’ have quickly realized that discretion is the better part of valour; they soon realise that it’s better to stay quiet about one’s experiences than risk being labelled insane and cause distress to one’s family. One also sees that those you hope will be sympathetic and offer help, (namely, the spiritual and religious figures such as priests) are as fast asleep as everyone else. My parish priest didn’t want to talk to me about my spiritual experiences and it killed my Christian faith. The reason that this ‘change’ isn’t going to happen is that people having a ‘spiritual awakening’ are often scared, confused and question their own sanity. Many are also contemplating suicide because they can’t handle the weird changes going on inside themselves. That is the REALITY, not the psycho-babble of the previous poster.

    This isn’t a super hero film, like X-Men. No-one is going to go on TV to tell us all to come out of the shadows.

    I can pretty much guarantee that Gnosticism will answer your questions regarding the ways of this world. Also, you should search out some internet dialogue with a person called Hidden Hand that took place in 2010. There are powerful people behind the scenes who wish to push this world into a negative polarity, and, truth be told, they are doing a great job of it. According to Hidden Hand, there is a coming ‘Great Harvest’. But don’t expect Yahweh to intervene, because the ‘soul group’ known as Lucifer did a deal with him to help humanity advance, and they want to get the hell off of earth. (Yes, Yahweh exists, he created the world, and he’s got a fierce temper, but he’s not the only god out there). I always thought that HH (commonly and incorrectly called ‘Illuminati’) was a load of made-up nonsense, until I started seeing them drop subtle hints about a ‘New Earth’ amid TV advertising (Christian D’or, in particular). When I put the pieces of the puzzle together, I realized that Hidden Hand was a real, worldwide cabal, and not some amateurish Dan Brown outfit. Of course, I would be thoroughly ridiculed if I said all this in mixed company, which is why the world is NOT GOING TO CHANGE!!!

    Best wishes,


    So what is Change? Everything changes but stays the same.

    To “make America Great Again” is that a change or a regression?
    As a call to return to some “magical” past would it not me more correct to call it a regression. But regression is also a change, if illusionary, as you “can’t step in the same river twice”. We fight to hold a moment that no longer exits

    The only thing that never changes is change which means everything stays the same but, perhaps as Nina points out, it is our perception of what we see that changes. The reality was always there we just never notice it and till we do, if always incompletely.

    Gnosticism has always fascinated me as it is based on Gnosis, the knowledge of transcendence arrived at by way of interior, intuitive means. Yet the moment such knowing is codified and taught to others as the way such teaching is no longer Gnosis. I view Gnosis as an individual experience that might intuit change but not create it.

    I’ve been reading quite about the Gnosis, Goddess, and shamanic cultures. One thing that I have noticed is that they were not able to stand up against the desert masculine god religions. I think that the reason is due to innovation. The above cultures are more likely to accept “life as it is” which has little energy for innovation and so easily overcome.

    I see the current tension between the ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ movement in the same way. The conservative will always be more “innovative” in the ways of politics then the liberal

    Nina Sakura

    I don’t think it’s about regression as much as it is about selling a dream to people that their lives will get better – think about stock market sentiments, business cycles which are hugely driven by expectations aka perceptions.

    To bring “real” change in solid economic terms, legislation and employment opportunities, redistribution in society is something that will not happen overnight but reducing the apathy, hopelessness of having missed out on the moolah of globalisation is what we define as change in perception which is driven by internal re-assesment of present conditions and norms.

    Nina Sakura

    PS – I have no unified scientific or religious or Marxist doctrine to explain everything about the world. Some things are predictable, some aren’t and we just gotta live with that uncertainty of life, incomplete information beyond a certain point. I don’t trust every detail the media tells us though because the news can be often biased and evades actual trends. To avoid disappointment thanks to unfulfilled expectations, or to accept them better, the best route for me has simply been to exercise a calmner, dispassionate state of mind and look at things more from a grey point of view rather than rigid frameworks for every situation.

    I hope you find the answers for yourself as well through whichever route suits you best.

    “The only permanent thing is change”


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