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    As I was sitting listening to film scores it occurred to me that music has seen me through all of lifes hardships and joy. It led me to conclude;

    There is no emotion that music cannot touch. For this you know you are never alone.

    I invite you to share the music that has been your go-to and got you through the hard times, the goodtimes, the party times and the alone times, it may be just what someone else needs.

    I want to share Sara Evans ‘a little bit stronger’. It got me through a heart-wrenching break up, and reminded me that I wasn’t alone.

    Alexey Sunly

    K-Pop, baby! It just makes me fly through my day 😀

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    My enjoyment of music began as a small kid with a transistor radio trying to find a good nights sleep in a violent household. From there I took up playing the trumpet and writing simple tunes to soothe my troubled heart which is still a part of me today. I have a very extensive library of music and my hunger for music knows no barrier other than hip-hop or outrageous rap.

    It was not uncommon for me to join in on ‘open mic’ shows and I truly enjoy this.

    Classical music is my drive to work inspiration and then from there it is college radio stations that play an assortment of bluegrass, jazz, blues and sounds that have no catalog name assigned for them.

    For me music has the audio effect of photo alubums and I am always utterly amazed at how I can remember a moment in time so clearly.

    My daughters are expanding their view of music stepping out beyond the local radio stations and finding the music I so enjoy being inserted into the movie soundtrack of popular features today.


    I listen to Maggot Brain – Funkadelic, when I’m feeling pensive. I listen to Massive Attack and disco when I’m dealing with heavy emotions and want to calm down/distract myself. I listen to opera – Pavaroti, especially, but anything will do – to truly, truly relax and free my mind from thoughts. I like a lot of classical, but it can vary HUGELY with regard to the ‘vibe’. Opera rarely does not have a sweet essence about it – voices dripping with sweetness… I listen to John Digweed, Deep Dish, Richie Hawtin – to dance, to let go and feel my pulse. And I sing And So It Goes – Billy Joel, frequently, when pensive and driving in my car that has no functioning radio..

    There’s so much out there…. x

    Roz Whiteley

    It’s so lovely to read about individual emotional responses to music. I’m a music therapist…music has always been in my life to cope with upset, trauma and loss, as well as to celebrate and remember from a really early age. It is just so very powerful. I feel honoured to have a job which enables others to connect to music and release such incredibly difficult emotions and to work with people who are physically and mentally unable to communicate verbally as we do. I love such a wide range of music it’s almost ridiculous (!), but certainly have powerful favourites. I listen to OSTs a lot…Superman is amazing! Also love Polly Paulusma ‘Perfect 4-4’, Colbie Cailat ‘Raindrops’, James Taylor ‘Something in the ways she moves’ and Taio Cruz ‘Moving on’ – some obvious choices but it really doesn’t detract from their beauty. We’ll be putting up a couple of clips soon of music therapy on our website ( and while they’re not there yet I’m pretty sure if you appreciate music you’ll be effected by them…there are so many people who are connected to music on such a profound level it’s amazing. Keep up the Music-ing. x


    I’ve often told people that if it wasn’t for music, I wouldn’t have any belief in the divine. There is something about music that I find transcendent, it is the one that makes me feel the most alive and at peace with the universe. It’s something that must run in my family too, because I know my parents and siblings all enjoy music as much as I do!

    I love all kinds of music, no matter the genre or language, but my heart belongs to EDM (electronic dance music); there’s something about the upbeat tempo and repetitive rhythm that just speaks to me. Plus, it makes me want to move and dance and express my joy physically. 😀

    Roz, I thought about being a music therapist when I was in school! But my parents steered me away and I was too young not to obey them.


    i remember it well, it Xmas and i was 5.
    Mum and Dad were at boiling point 99% of the time. he was a drunk who had no respect for my mum, when he was not playing away. which was not often.
    Mum was trying to hold the family together!

    My Aunti bought me a small cassett player and a tape of 1980 classic hits.

    I still know all the words to every song on that tape. It was an escape. i am flighting back the tears now remembering putting my ear so close i couldn’t hear the flighting……

    go forward 10 years and my whole life was changed by the illigal rave scene. it was the “brotherhood” i was looking for and the drugs were pretty good at helping me escape too. or so i thought.

    go forward 10 years and i am in my mid 20’s. i needed to remove myself from the dance music scene as i was taking to many of those good drugs for them to be good anymore. i set up my own studio. i spent the next 5 years in my loft making music. mainly stuff to get things out of my head. it was wonderfull.

    go foward 10 years. i now have a great partner and a lovely little boy. our whole life is centred around music. not in a profesional way but socially. we have music playing most of the time in our house and i still have a small studio to disapear to when i need some “me” time. oh and i would argue our 2 year old is the best dancer in the world !!!!! 🙂

    music is very very powerful….

    my favorite song if i had to choose 1. fools gold (the stone roses)

    the pack on my back is aching
    the straps seem to cut me like a knife…..
    the gold road sure is a long road
    windes on through the hills for 15days……
    i’m no clown i won;t back down, i don’t need you to tell me whats going down.
    down down down down down
    fooooooools gold !

    i remember it everytime i am working too hard and need some family time. music still moves me as much as it did when i was 5. i just don’t need to put my head to the speakers anymore… (sic)

    Jim Darling

    The right music can very often have a “healing” effect on our mind. I certainly know that loud music makes me agitated.


    I am a ” Creative Engineer” in short.Or…singer/songwriter ,photographer ,graphic artist, author and model.

    Throughout my life’s journey writing has served my soul and has become my greatest gift . I experience each song I write like a mother to a child. I have no children however I have individual expressions of the deepest places I have known. Each song, or poem was birthed of my life experience and reflects a part of me.” “Features” of where my heart mind and spirit was at the time. Much like a child has the smile of their mother or father.

    With all that I am and all that I seek to understand of my purpose…music and writing I have always known is apart of my truth!!

    Thank you for sharing and reading!
    Respect and honor


    Everyone has really good responses. To answer your questions, Stephanie, here are the results.
    Music that gets me through hard times: My mind is a random record/CD player, so it can be anything melancholic a la Say Something by A Great Big World. This sounds cheesy, but I actually listen to this song of what could have been with this guy. I moved on from him since I got a lot of other fun activities going on. Anything encouraging from Beyonce (Single Ladies), Firework by Katy Perry. On occasion, I’ve listened to tough rock music from Halestorm, Nirvana, and Bullet for My Valentine. So as you can see, I’ll listen to anything except for heavy metal, rap, hip-hop (if it’s old school, i’ll listen to a tune), and techno.

    Good times: Anything happy. Taylor Swift, Esperanza Spalding, and yes, that Happy song by Pharrell. But mostly Swift since she’s a hopeless romantic like me.

    Party times: Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, anything catchy. I love Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

    When I’m alone: Again, anything I feel like listening to. Love songs, something fun to dance to. I’m a huge fan of music from the 50s and 60s.

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