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    Dana L

    Hey everyone, I am Dana and I am new here.

    I recently graduated college and feel so stuck. I don’t feel depressed but feel as if something is blocking me from being my usual proactive, energetic self. I joined Weight Watchers, have all the tools, and am making no use of them. I have been trying to be more positive and gotten no where with that. I feel like everywhere I try to improve, a giant block stands in my way. Am I lazy? Or is it something deeper. I appreciate all views, thank you. <3


    Hello Dana,

    Nice to have you here. Perhaps something like a complexion about you might have happened within you. Like I can’t do this, I’m unable to do so. Or maybe there might have been some changes in your day to day life. Try figuring it out. Ask yourself what’s wrong and why you’re feeling like that, your inner voice replies. If it doesn’t help try meditating. Just don’t stress yourself about anything. Let the things be as it is. Go with the flow.

    May things go smoother with you 🙂


    Good Morning Dana, and Welcome!
    Just so we understand – are your blocks particularly with losing weight? or with life in general? Where exactly are you feeling the block(s)?


    Hi dnlaurie,

    Well, with Weight Watchers, though the theory of it makes sense, in reality it is essentially Food Rationing. LOL! If I had to Food Ration I’d feel a block myself! That is reserved for famine and war time IMHO. You are already beautiful, from your picture.

    The happiest diet I’ve ever been on was Paleo. And the most effective one for me was juicing, blending, and eating fruits, nuts and mostly vegetables.

    I also don’t go on the scale. I have (and plan) a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. That’s about it.

    Essentially I’m telling you to pick something you don’t even have to think about.

    THEN, if you still have a block, we can help ferret out what it really is.




    Dear Dana:

    i do wonder about the dieting thing- many, millions and millions of people, maybe mostly women, have been damaged from dieting, emotionally damaged. Even though a healthy weight is a valuable goal, it is the ways of going about it that can drain you and add problems to your life. Dieting is the cause to many eating disorders (or disordered eating) for so many. Can you share more about your efforts dieting? Your feelings about it, how it is going for you, etc.?



    I’m not sure if ‘stuck’ is the right word but I hate my life experience and I don’t know how to change it. I feel like my future is going to suck no matter what I do. Helpless and powerless seem like a better description than ‘stuck’.

    I’m 60 years old, unemployed and live in my girlfriend’s basement. I help her run her housecleaning business but I’m not doing anything for myself and MY life is going nowhere. I have electronics projects that sit unfinished because I can’t concentrate on them long enough to make any progress. I graduated last spring with two solar degrees and I wanted to go back to school last fall but couldn’t find the time to study math because of her projects. My girlfriend is self-centered and her life is like a vortex that whirls around her.

    I know I need to step out of her vortex to make a change but I’m certain that if I leave here I’ll be going back to live in my truck again. After doing that for several years during the Great Recession, I’m not thrilled about ever doing it again. I have no close personal friends, am not involved with the community and no longer attend church. I feel like my purpose in life now is to share my skills and help others; I like the idea of adding value to other people because I have a lot of talents but have no clue how to connect and get started.

    I understand why some people commit suicide; it’s not that they actually want to die, it’s because their life sucks so bad that they will do anything to make it stop.


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