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    You’re welcome!

    Correct, I think another big one is diabetes. I would imagine that a vet would be able to identify these conditions relatively easily with testing. Cushing’s disease on the other hand can be more difficult to diagnose. For my friend’s dog, it wasn’t until very severe symptoms arose that diagnosis occurred.


    Dear Helcat:

    Thank you again. So, these may be the beginning symptoms of crushing’s disease… dogs and people share a lot of the same diseases including anxiety and depression.



    Big Hugs Anita and Helecat.

    Well my little dig is having a full blood test and setum Phenomav on the 29th and I’m told this will detect if she dies indeed have Cushings.  Anita, I’m wondering if your friend has had blood tests on his dog.  My dog has mire symptoms of Cushings than the drinking and weeing.  She has panting and seizures and the hair on either side of her flank has become sparse.  In Vusibgs, this is caused by the raised Cortisone level.  She also has fairly rapid wasting of muscles in her back legs which is affecting her walking.

    I don’t do it all of the time, but when I have had enough, I put a new born baby diaper on her.  You can buy diapers especially fir dogs.  I do have a dog door but often the little one doesn’t make it in time. She really is drinking a LOT.

    As digs age, often their kidneys and liver deteriorate, but a lot can be done to manage with diet, supplements and medication.  There are special prescription diets fir dogs and cats fir renal and gastro-intestinal.  They are made by Holls and Royal Canon, and at least here in Oz, you need a prescription from a vet to buy them.

    Other thing which might be suggested for your friend is a second opinion from another vet.

    I was VERY happy and surprised today to learn that our vet practices acupuncture and the accupressure with the red lights.  I am going to ask her if she can do initial red light therapy on my dog and supervise/instruct me on doing the maintenance red light therapy.

    Oh Helecat, that must have been so worrying for you.  Im so pleased to see there is so much more now we can do to help our old pets live a good life and often pain-free.  I see a lot of the American members on the dog health forums I belong to give their dogs Cannabis Oil treatments.  It’s not quite as big here yet.  I know that there are some concerns with some vets about it in that AT THIS STAGE, the amounts of various chemicals within the cannabis oil is not completely predictable and so there is a risk they can overdose.  Hemp SEED Oil is meant to be safer as the THC has been removed.  They are bith meant to be good for many senior dogs as they help with joint pain, skin, coat and appetite.

    There is also an eye medication which has been very successful in arresting eye cataracts, a common cause of blindness in old dogs. You can buy over the counter in USA, but it’s very new here so you need a vet prescription.

    My dog did have another seizure tonight. The first in about a week now.  I gave her diazepam into her tiny butt hole with a Q tip as instructed by vet, and it ended sooner than the others. Her tiny heart was racing and shecwas panting.  That’s the raised Cortisol levels bringing on the seizure and causing the panting and fast heart.  I pray we can get all of this under control. The sooner the better.  One more week and the medicines will arrive.

    We also have something here now which I belueve started in USA but perhaps by another name. It’s know as The Nosh Priject.  Developed by Vet Nutritionists, you can either buy their frozen fresh food or make your own following their recipe cards. You buy their vitamin powder call Nurture 27 which has 27 essential vitamins and minerals they need daily.  The powder is very affordable and the recipes easy. You need to make with human grade meat and veg. The recipes are good enough for humans to eat too!

    I’m not working tomorrow and have lots to do here.  The boss has given me an extra 2 weeks work – that is as far ahead as the roster has been filled for all of the staff.  I’m very happy at that workplace  – apart from the long hours – many 12 hour days.

    We are having government elections here on the 21st May.  I so hope this govt is voted out. Prime Minister was big admirer of Trump and is the worst prime minister we have ever had.

    That’s about it from me. Hope you are both keeping well. XXX



    Dear HoneyBlossom:

    Thank you for the info-filled post. Interesting, I suggested the diapers possible solution to my friend, even though I never heard of doggie diapers, I just figured there’s probably such a product, but he said that doggie diapers are usually used for menstruating females, and it will not help with his dog because even in diapers, his dog will still want to go out at night, and that means he’d still need to wake up a few times per night. He did say that he will be building a doggie door. He didn’t think of a doggie door before because of his concern about wildlife such as mountain lions.

    About Cushing’s being caused by excessively high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, one that’s normally released in great amounts when the body needs to attend to a physical threat, when a person or a dog suffers from anxiety (ongoing or repeated fear when there is no real physical threat), cortisol is released on an ongoing basis, leading to high concentrations in the blood for long periods of time, causing all these physical and mental symptoms. It makes sense to me why as a child and a teenager, I experienced a few of the common symptoms of Cushing’s: poor short-term memory, poor concentration and fatigue. It is very important for all of us to keep our anxiety and stress level as low as possible, on an ongoing basis, for the sake of our physical and mental health.

    I am sorry to read that your dog had another seizure, but good thing it ended sooner than previous seizures. I do hope that a new Prime Minister will be elected in Australia in the elections exactly a month from today. Virtual hugs back to you and a gentle hug to your dog! I will talk to my friend when I see him next and let you know what’s happening with him and his heeler.




    Sorry for the late reply, it’s been busy!

    The dog I know with Cushing’s disease also ended up developing muscle wasting in the back legs. Fortunately, no epilepsy has developed so far. Something unique happened with the skin, which the vet had never seen before. Instead of hair loss, patches of raw open wounds spontaneously developed. Medication has helped the with the skin heal, as well as relieving thirst and frequent urination.

    I agree, it’s amazing what we can do for our own health and the health of our pets these days.

    My mom’s dog tried CBD oil which is similar to hemp seed oil. It was mildly helpful for pain relief but gabapentin which the vet prescribed was more effective for severe pain.

    I’m glad that your vet can assist you with the light therapy. I hope all goes well! Please keep us updated on how your pup responds to medication and light therapy.

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    HI Helecat.  I’m sorry I just saw this post.  Most of the people I’m acquainted with online who use CBD are from the USA.  I think you need to buy it online if in Australia though we can buy Hemp Seed Oil. Back in a mini.  Crying dog.


    Sorry, the dogs could smell the leftover beef for dinner and were pestering me, so I went and gave them a little more.  It’s winter here and cold.

    I have spent most of the last 2 days in bed reading and then dozing although I don’t feel too bad.  I can’t go anywhere and haven’t been able to spend much time outside in my yard.


    How are you?


    Funny you should mention the rash because since posting, about 3 weeks ago, the tiny dog developed these black scaley plaques on her trunk which appear to be a type of fungal and bacterial dermatitis.  She had been so well.  Then one day, I had taken her to vet to get her nails trimmed.  Then we went to supermarket, and when we came home, she insisted on spending a lot of time outside despite it being windy and cold. That evening, her eyes were weepy, the tear staining on  her face which had cleared and then grown out had returned worsecthan ever.  Then I found the plaques on her back.


    I found this amazing medicated shampoo recommended by a vet dermatologist called Mediderm. He said it (and all other shampoos) should only ever be diluted – 2 teaspoonscto one cup of water and applied with a soft cloth.  It has to stay on the dog for 5 minutes, rinsed thoroughly and then repeated.  Then you use either QV Oil or Aloha Kerri Oil in the tub to condition.  You just need enough to make the water cloudy.  If you don’t condition properly, the dog will end up with very inflamed skin.  When the dog goes outside and returns, you use the diluted oils on its paws and you condition its skin regularly with it.


    I trimmed the dogs hair very short over where the anorexia was and the scales, and I’m quite certain it’s growing back.  Apparently, this type of dermatitis (and alopecua) can result in damaged hair follicles, but in time, they will repair if this type of treatment is used.


    The dog must get some relief from the shampoo and conditioner as she doesn’t mind it.  You need to apply to every in c h ifctheir body, especially in between b the toes. She has NOT licked her paws or scratched since although the plaque did return though not so badly.

    After it has healed completely, you alternate the Mediderm shampoo with Nutriderm.  It is now the only dog shampoo I will use, and I have tried so many over the years.

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