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    @Kelsi i don’t understand the last paragraph..Could you give a meaning to this?
    He broke up with me with a text message and i was asking him to see me and tell me the reasons and have a conversation..but that never happened.He said that he can’t stand this, the distance between us and he haven’t any goals to achieve in his life and he was feeling pressure and blah blah blah.I don’t mind,I’ve passed through this feeling of total hate. I used to hate him and today I don’t care.He will find revenge anyways..Justice for all ! :p I’m not going to spread evil anymore..i want my life to be peaceful!

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    Well, then you answered my question. 🙂 Essentially what I was asking was if you guys ended on peaceful terms or if there was some tension between the two of you after the breakup. If he didn’t explain or elaborate to you in person why the relationship needed to end, then you might be finding yourself seeking some type of closure. Although you said he mentioned about the distance and that he felt pressured, maybe the reasons he DID give to you were not good enough.

    You also mention that you hated him–perhaps this is another indicator that you did not receive the closure you wanted and in return built up some repressed feelings? But if you are looking to find peace in your life now, then it is best that you let go of all the anger and frustration you felt towards him. It is only toxic to your soul. You are on the right path!

    I do wish you the very best towards this difficult but rewarding journey you are embarking on. Letting go of any remnants of your past can be difficult, but just keep focusing on you and achieving your goals and you will get there!


    Yes,the reasons were not good enough ……….
    it doesn’t worth it to be angry or unhappy BECAUSE he is nothing to me.
    I don’t appreciate him and I don’t care what he is doing.Enough said for him.
    I want to be on the right path because behind all of these bad actions I did to myself (not appreciating myself,low self-confidence,feeling uncomfortable on the relationship but keeping it alive), …all these doesn’t serve me.I’ve always been wanting a better future/better relationship/feelings/life, for myself but the low self confidence led my to a relationship which showed me that i deserve more than I think.He was a drug addicted person,he was suffering from depression and I was there for him and and he did nothing for me eventually , he wanted to get rid of me. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ..Im here all alone finding things for myself to be happy.nobody helps me.So today ,finally i must get rid of him.I’ve lost so much time thinking and caring of/about him. Best to you too,Kelsi.Thanks.

    I’ll do the best for myself despite the fact that time had passed and i did nothing for me.I don’t care,i want to be happy even if time passes in front of my eyes.I want to success in this.
    Today i realised that maybe only pressure works for me…If i let my self to do silly things,i’ll do them.Things that don’t help me move on,be happy, it’s like pushing yourself to the lion’s den.Nothing done for me,all of my powers were there to help him.I have to be more patient and pressure myself to do good things. Ι have to push myself to do things,otherwise non of my goals will come in success.All these things i would appreciate myself in the future and things that will make me feel happy in the present moment.
    I always wanted to be in a taut body and always been jealous of people who were eating healthy all the time(Although i never tried………)!!!I want to love myself so i’ll never be trapped in bad relationships.Loving myself is the key,and doing things for me by pressure 9even if it’s not right) its better than doing nothing for me.I’ve found the reasons to exercise or eat healthy or study etc etc but these reasons don’t push me enough to do things.

    brain-wash and pressure.This maybe the key for me.I have to do things that I don’t like.


    Hello people! I’m home again,i was on vacation for the last one week and yesterday i came back home.
    I saw things at his facebook profile which made me sad,a lot of different emotions that made me unhappy.
    Today i deleted all my accounts on the internet,except here and my main e-mail.I deleted facebook,google plus-youtube,
    i also had an account to a forum in which my ex has also account (but he don’t know that i also have) i didn’t delete it cause i don’t log in to this.And never mind…
    I hope that this is the big step for my to find happiness.All that stuff,….internet,TV, make me feel anxious,bad for myself etc.
    For example TV always make me feel anxious about my life,make my problems bigger, I don’t also like the lifestyle that passes through my life. Internet especially facebook make feel jealous of what other’s people lifes are, (and i know there’s nothing special in other’s people lifes that mine doesn’t have)
    On youtube i usually watch beauty gurus and stuff, especially ‘how to make this look appropriate for night, makeup ,hair, and all these things.Finally youtube doesn’t give me advices or tricks or how to’s,because many youtubers nowdays want to ‘sell’ products or show what they bought (makeup hauls..etc) and this is not the essence of what youtube can teach me.It’s useless for me because everytime i see a beauty video I want to buy all of these products i don’t need and this make me materialistic..I don’t need all these to make me happy.Happiness is inside,and today i see people who chase money.I don’t want to be like this.I want to be happy with little things in my life.Ok,makeup ,do make me feel good about myself but if there isn’t self-confidence without it,it’s a problem.
    Anyways,for these big reasons (for me) I deleted all that stuff.I’m a little bit afraid of dissafection,being alone,cause all my friends are in there,but i don’t want to live in this world.I think that facebook is inauthentic,false,dishonest!
    People pretend everyday that they’re another person in order to be liked.I want authenticity in my life and internet destroyed me,i found and false person (ex) on the net etc etc.
    All i want is to focus in my studies,reading all kinds of books each day even if they don’t have to do with my future job.
    Im impatient for the best things to come, but i don’t mind ,i want to live this way!
    Τhe reason behind this , is that today me & my family (brother and sister) have had an argue and they told me that i’m duplicitous,bad,that I judge everyone behind their backs etc etc.I refused all these but I don’t want them to influence my life.I prefer not to talk to them for a time.maybe 2 or three weeks ,i don’t know, but they make me feel bad and maybe every conversation leads to an argue!!!

    Thanks for reading .Best wishes.

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