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    Hey there, I often worry about things I don’t have (no money, not much of a social life, not much of a plan, not much progress on the weight loss!) and don’t take enough time to focus on what I do have…. I keep going back to feeling upset and “incomplete”, when really I don’t think overall my life is that bad any more. I came out of an abusive relationship just a month ago in a very civil way, I run my own business from home (even if it is still draining my money!), I have a great dad, sister and mum, pets, my overall health…. I just keep worrying that the things I DO have will be taken from me at any moment, my dad especially has always been my rock and without it I think I will sink very quickly 🙁 I just want to be more positive and happy, and be grateful more, but I don’t really know how to get out of the negative cycle – any advice would be brilliant, or links to any topics/articles on here – thank you in advance! xx


    What a great question!

    Gratitude is like a muscle – we’re all born with it, but if you don’t lose it, you lose it and so it needs to be exercised.

    At first it’s going to be hard, don’t try to lift too much weight too fast. The list you have going is already a fantastic start. Keep a gratitude journal and start writing down every day the things you’re grateful for, no matter how small or big, how insignificant or major.

    Nothing lasts forever, but appreciating what you have today will ensure you enjoy it and make the most of it while it’s here.

    All the best. 🙂


    I recently started a gratitude journal. I keep it by my bed, and every night I write down one thing I am grateful for. Sometimes it’s family or a great boss. Sometimes it’s just the pretty clouds on my drive home during rush hour. I think it helps. Now I notice more small things… like being grateful that my body is able to go for a run (even if it kicked my tush), a tree that I have walked by every day for 3 years but never really noticed until now, etc. Being grateful for the big things like loved ones is awesome for a less obvious reason… because it has helped me express my gratitude to them more. And you can tell that they really appreciate it. Just like me, they are bustling around all day and you see them light up when you tell them how much you appreciate something about them. But I also think being grateful for the tiny little things makes life more pleasant on a moment to moment basis.


    I was just thinking about this question. When I get sad I do feel like I am being ungrateful for everything this universe has given me. As human beings we are programmed to run after things we cannot have.

    I have been longing to talk to my ex boyfriend who has made it very clear that he wants nothing to do with me. And I run away from talking to my parents or sisters when they want to talk. Granted, my family is not very supportive of me but they haven’t left me like my ex did. They are still here and in their way, they love me.

    Grace, what I am trying to say is that, its so normal to look at things you don’t have or wish you had but as a person who doesn’t have a supportive family, I would be very grateful to have yours 🙂

    I will start keeping a journal too but for now, ill feel the pain of my broken but healing heart.
    With warmth


    Anders Hasselstrøm

    Hello Grace,

    No doubt it is a challenging situation you are facing and sometimes it can seem like a never ending negative spiral. I have made it a habit to write down all the things that I feel truly grateful for. I has helped me a lot and I would encourage you to try the same 🙂

    Anders Hasselstrøm

    Alexey Sunly

    Have you read this thread yet, Grace: Are Your FEELINGS making Your LIFE miserable? Check it out 🙂

    Please, enjoy yourself here!


    Hi Grace,

    I have felt like you before, I have to say everyday I find it easier and more natural to be grateful for what I have. I used to just write lists of what I was grateful for and what made me happy and what I wanted only when I was very down or depressed. Now I do this daily, sometimes in my head but it always helps to write it down.

    I do also listen to The secret audio cd in my car, although I think they main aim of that is to Be positive and you will attract what you want.

    Hopefully you will get the hand of it very soon 🙂

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