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    Happy Holidays

    I’m a full time college student so during the semester I don’t have time to focus on projects outside of class work. I enjoying writing, drawing, filming, and refurbishing clothes. Sometimes, I feel like i may be too ambitious because I am majoring in a STEM field, which I do love, but I am interested in everything, I seriously want to learn a little bit about everything.

    So during the winter and summer breaks, I have time to focus on these art projects. However, my issue is I’m stunted from completing them. I have stories that I have began in 2012 and it’s like I can’t finish any of them. I am literally one of those people who start something but find it incredibly hard to finish it. Now I work on these projects throughout the year but I just can’t seem to be completely done with it. So now I am trying to determine why do I do this to myself? Why do I do things I enjoy but I can’t seem to move on?

    Yesterday, I asked myself that question and I thought back to when I would start an art project and was criticized by my parents about it. They didn’t understand why I was making a clay-mation Iron man, or why I wanted to learn to play the piano. They are older and I they aren’t accepting of alot of things. My question is how do i just write, just create without feeling like a failure, or like it’s a waste of time. Because I know that it’s not but I can’t get myself to fully understand that for some reason. I just want to be my best self, but I need help understanding how to get pass this.


    Dear Kaylen:

    I would like to return to your thread tomorrow morning when I am more focused. Having read your above post, is it that you start a creative project with enthusiasm and creativity, but as time goes on, your fear goes up and your creativity goes down?

    This has been the case with me, I started many short stories and plays and didn’t finish a single one. I got scared, fear wore me down. Fear does that, it takes away our focus, our clarity of thinking, and our creativity.

    I hope to read from you when I am back to the computer, in about 13 hours from now. I hope other members answer you as well.



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    Hello Kaylen,


    It is amazing you are willing to learn different things! I am the same way, I am learning how to dance and play the guitar now that the semester is over. I also want to get back to oil painting and writing blogs again. Do you feel that you are trying it all at once? Sometimes, when I do that, I don’t get anything done. Other times, I just force myself to push through the periods of uncreativity and still try to do something. When it comes to finishing, I feel that it is never really done because you can always change something to make your work better. Sometimes, I just go with the flow and do the best I can do and simply trust that ending is good. This takes off the pressure to have the perfect one. I hope that this was helpful! Let me know what you think.


    Hi Kaylen,

    If you create your art or writing just for the fun of it, then you cannot be classed as a failure.  It’s just fun.  You may have failed at completing the task but that doesn’t make you, the person, a failure.  Did you ever get to learn the piano?  If not, perhaps you could start there.  You don’t need to justify why you want to learn the piano or why you enjoy art.  That is just the way you are.  It is all part of your uniqueness.  Accepting that you can chose your own hobbies and that you don’t need your parents’ permission is all part of the growing process.  Pick up one of those stories, re-read it as far as you have got, then just write anything down that comes into your head.  It doesn’t matter if it’s nonsensical – just let the words flow.

    Best wishes


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