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    This is the first time I have ever wrote in a forum. But I just listen to Tony Robbins and i feel this urge that I should share my story with people.
    Let me begin by saying that today was my grade 12 last day in college, it was quite fun. But on with the story,

    So there is this girl I fell in love with at first sight. Damn I just can’t understand her!!!!!! It’s been two years I have persuaded her and the results you know, She doesn’t LIKES ME. I have talked to her several times. Now there is this thing I can’t understand. One day at the 3 days college tour when we all were in the dance floor I asked her to dance and yes she danced with me and i felt like heaven on earth to be holding her hands and in my arms, it felt like forever. And, the very next day we came to college and I had bought a hand bracelet for her and i walked upto her and said “Here, this is for u” and know what she did, without saying even a word she picked the bracelet and threw it out of the window. Let me repeat, WITHOUT SAYING ANY WORD. And, I am quite high tempered and left the room immediately. And now it’s been like two weeks we haven’t talk and I have no intention to talking to her whatsoever, not even in HELL!!!!!!! But during the two weeks, she keeps on looking at me frequently. I am there playing basketball and she with her friends chit-chatting maybe. Anyway it does not make sense at all, does it?? And know what my biggest problem is, I try to ignore her but something in my head says”Maybe she likes you, maybe she likes you” and i can’t stop this voice repeating over and over. I live alone in my house and those alone moments keep me reminding of her memories, and I DONT WANT TO. I DONT WANT TO THINK ABOUT HER anymore. 🙁 God I can’t take her rejection so lightly. Something inside me says”Forgive her, she is just a human” but i DONT WANT TO but even if dont want i still CAN’T. Maybe someone can relate to this, I searched for similar rejection and the only one I found was of Garth Brooks, he also had been same pain and after 10 years he also has written a song called Unanswered Prayers, it’s great!!!!

    I feel so helpless around her. I am loudest and having fun when with my friends but the first sight of her destroys the whole day and really I can control my self, I am not that weak, I have self-helped myself for over 2 years. Now I am not here to ask any question. I just felt like just keeping it inside is the thing that is killing me!!!!And I know someone more special is waiting for me in the near future. LIFE has hit me hard for 2 years but that ain’t my limit LIFE!!!!Hit me with your best shot, I can endure any pain. And I had to go through this process, she was my FIRST LOVE!!!I can now guarantee that failure teaches you many things, like you never know there is something called darkness by living yours days in the light. Maybe it was long, i dont know!!!So any comments please share!!!!!!


    This sounds like High School games to me. You didnt know this girl long enough to really love her, chances are you were in lust with her not love…..


    You haven’t failed at anything. You gave a girl a gift, which she rejected in a very cold and immature fashion. Seems to me you dodged a bullet here.


    That does not sound like lust to me, maybe an infatuation-pheromones exist!


    I agree some girls can be very offish when they want to be , if they are not straightforward from the start it’s probably better that nothing transpired because these things can spiral out of control and at the age we are talking about feelings and thoughts are magnified by ten or more


    it’s hard to ignore some feelings or emotions , however some girls have a handle on them from earlier on than guys.Some use that to be manipulative, others are more sensible.If i were you because i do think i have had a case of infatuation/love/will never know- I would concentrate on anything else but the girl especially that one.Placing too much atention on her will actually drive her away and gifts and the like can seem to be an obligation upon them to return the favour which they won’t want to in any way.
    Sounds like a girl who would prefer to keep things at arms length for a while but who just wants to enjoy life- give her a measure of fun and a measure of dissonance, wher you focus on something else entirely-if she is interested enough she will come to you , if not you will just be saving your self the trouble that will come your way if you persist in trying to either get close to her or even just understand her- as for the latter i recommend you don’t even try, that’s a labyrinth thatchanges daily , no offense to any of the ladies on the forum , or elsewhere for that matter!

    one last thing- you aren’t stuck for the simple reason that you don’t need to choose where to go , your character and disposition will guide you, even if it’s to another girl’s arms- trust me you will be happier if you follow yourself than a butterfly, no matter how beautiful she seems to you!


    Everyone thanks for your reply, i thought my story was so bad that i wouldn’t get anyone to hear from but you guys even when I didn’t ask provided with words of wisdom!!! Sometimes man I just kind of hate myself for over-analyzing but guess what the FUN lies in takin control back from it!!!!And Bruno, did you went through a similar situation. If yes, I would really love to know man!!!!


    She was not your first love, she was a girl you had a dance with. Get over yourself.

    You seem to get really excited about just about everything. Maybe that’s just your writing style, but seriously dude, chill. You only recently realised girls are, like, human, and they have insecurities and personality flaws and shit. I congratulate you on your new insight, but let me tell you, you will fail at the relationship thing again before you get it right. There’s a lot more to learn, grasshopper.

    So stop getting worked up about your “horrible rejection”. At least she was clear! You know where you stand with this girl and you can move on. Don’t get worked up about her, and don’t get worked up over how worked up you are over her. Just go for a walk or something. Have a wank. You have a life to get on with, don’t wallow in this nonsense for ten years just to write some dumb song like Garth Brooks. Please!

    Move on.

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