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    How have you been? Thank you very much for having been patient with me. And please do not worry, I do not feel in any way forced to have to answer you or any other. Assisting other fellow human beings is one of my purposes. It is a privilege.

    George, essentially we all suffer in one form or another and in different extremities. This is a truth. ‘Existence’ requires opposites for all things, physical and non-physical, in order to be. Therefore, to experience life one must understand that they cannot simply hope to encounter only the good but also the bad. Perhaps the best way to describe this is by explaining the concept of yin and yang from Taoism. Simply put, opposite forces exist to oppose and thereby balance one another to complete wholeness and equilibrium. Man cannot exist without woman, there cannot be shadows without light, up cannot exist withoug down, there cannot be good without evil, etc… No one and nothing is exempt from this law. This includes humanity. Chaos is meant to exist as it has purpose and will continue to exist so we may recognize when something is positive and the positive will continue to exist so we may distinguish it from chaos. Could you determine if something was good if we did not recognize evil? Could you even determine what evil is if good did not exist?

    My friend, if negativity is established as an existential constant, do you believe taking your life would remove it? For, even the Dalai Lama has acknowledged that a peaceful world does not mean that evil no longer resides but that world peace is considered a success if the majority of the world displays it. How much injustice would there have to be removed in order for you to be satisfied? In order for you to not consider taking your life? If, however, this still does nothing to quell your heart, please dwell on this: during a conversation between the Dalai Lama and Queen Elizabeth of England, His Holiness asked the Queen if she could believed the state of this world had become better. She answered ‘yes’ without hesitation. In their 80+ years on this earth, they have witness numerous countries putting in more effort in working together politically and economically, sending each other relief during natural disasters, creating peace treaties and alliances, countries providing and establishing equality to all peoples of this world, witnessing wider acceptance of intercultural relationships and the development of inter religious churches, among others. Dear George, if you open your eyes and heart further you will come to see that the majority of this world is not engulfed in chaos but brimming with people preaching compassion and coexistence. You merely only see and hear the negatives because unfortunately mainstream media does a great job in exploiting these sort of news for their financial gains (for the most part). However, if you were to seek independent news outlets, you will hear, see and read the stories that are barely exposed like the non profit organization in India that rescues injured animals and find families to adopt them or the international group that fights to eliminate the practices of performing animals like bears, horses, monkeys and elephants in third world countries or the Hollywood CEO who gave up his position and fortune to build schools and orphanages in Cambodia or the Chinese citizens fighting to establish dialogue with their own government to give Tibetans back their country or the African teenager whose village was so desolate he taught himself to build a windmill to create electricity for his village to use. These positive stories, like their negative counterparts, are also everywhere. Just more difficult to find.

    George, taking your life as an act of revenge to all the injustices of this world will not yield in your desired results. Already there have been many such as yourself in various countries sacrificing themselves, leaving notes and videos explaining their reasons, and yet, what has transpired from it? Instead, if you continue to live and share your beautiful and passionate heart with others, especially to the next generations, don’t you believe you would create a much more positive long-term impact then? If all the good hearted people like yourself took their lives after witnessing the handful of chaotic elements in this world, who would be left to teach all that is good and beautiful?

    Dear friend, I hope this answers many of your questions. I will not disagree that for some life can be an ugly and cruel experience, however, my own experiences compel me to aid/show these uncertain individuals that this existence can and does contain redeeming qualities. It is, as it has always been, in the end, our choice.

    As usual, I apologize for any grammatical mistakes. Because of my wrist injury, I am using voice commands to write this. If something should not make sense please do not hesitate to mention it so I may clarify the matter.



    Dear AI

    It took me a long time to respond even if i read your reply a short while after you posted it. The reason it took me so long is that a lot of things have taken place in the meantime…

    Evil deeds are here to stay and if you watch the news (refugee crisis in EU, war in Syria) humans have not learned from their past. However there is good in this world, i can’t deny that, this means hope.

    As for me, i am the reason of my discomfort because i am trapped from the way i am thinking. That is why i am trying to free my self (a very difficult task).

    Someday if i reemerge from my wormhole, i will let you know about my personal journey and we could share a good conversation.

    Thank you AI

    Best regards


    Dearest friend, @georgev

    I wish you the best on your journey. Perhaps one day we may actually truly meet. Travelling is one of my passions and Greece is on my list to visit. We can have our conversation then and you could teach me some of your lessons.

    Best Regards,



    Dear George,

    I hope you keep doing your best, soon the life will smile for you and you will look back and see that was worth it 🙂 I’m sending all the best for you and for those who concerned about you. As Al said , life is constantly changing and that is so good! I wish i could talk more and expose my own life lessons (I’m 23 too eheh ) with you but my english is so baaaaadd ! Could cry now ahah 😀

    The trick is ,keep smilling! I use this quote when i’m on my anxiety’s attacks ‘ it’s all good, i constantly comeback’

    Much love for you , you are not alone, keep your head up 🙂 🙂 <3 <3

    Dear Al,

    Was really Nice read your’s comments. I feel i could listen you for hours!

    Thank you! Much love 🙂


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