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    Hello, I hope everyone is doing the best they can at this moment and staying healthy and safe. I think everyone right now is experiencing an increased stress added into their routine. I know this to be especially true.
    I’ve never paid attention or maybe it wasn’t as obvious since I was distracted by life before COVID-19, but during this quarantine I have been feeling increasingly more anxious and stress. I have been feeling it the past 3 weeks. I am getting irritated by my family. I miss my dad, I haven’t seen him in 5 1/2 weeks ( my parents are divorced and I’m with my mom 70% of the time and this is my high school senior year.) I really miss him and I just keep thinking that I’m losing time to spend with him before I leave for college. It’s making me really depressed and he doesn’t know when he will be able to fly home. I feel conflicted because I think when he does come home do I just go with him or do I go back to the 70-30 schedule? Because since this is my last year I don’t want to just not see my mom for 4 weeks or whatever. Also another thing is, this may be selfish but I am missing my senior year, all the activities, prom graduation, getting my cap and gown and yearbook, my last dance competition and concert. All this has really put me into a depression or funk. As I’m sure a bunch of different people are going through much worse and I feel guilty for not being strong enough to cope. But I really can’t it’s hard. Online school has been awful. They are being nice but also packing on work. I feel really stressed and sad most days. I haven’t been doing much work, now I’m behind. They just suspended the school year where I am. 🙁 I keep feeling this pressure and stress on my chest and I feel energetic but like not towards my school work. I can’t focus on my work , I feel like very hwlpless and feel like crying and just forgetting everything when I think about all that I’m missing and all the work I have to do. On top of that I have to pick which college I want to go to. I’m super stressed and becoming depressed any advice or suggestions?


    Dear Grace:

    My advice: aerobic exercise twice a day, half an hour (or longer) each time: fast walking-preferable, light jogging if you can’t stand to be seen walking fast. There is nothing like aerobic exercise to relieve that pressure in “I keep feeling this pressure on my chest”, and to release that energy in “I feel energetic but like not towards my school work”.



    Hi Grace,

    We have a saying in our house: “Put something in the bank every day.” Read a little, write a little, study a little. Do one thing in each subject every day. The good news it’s Senior Year during a pandemic. I don’t know how strict they are about deadlines, but heads up! They’re not going to fail you!! Write your final paper on a napkin in crayon, take a pic of it with your phone and send it in.

    College Decisions?  In a different topic, tell everyone hear where you got in and let the group vote on it!! I will definitely tell you where to go and why!!!

    Everyone else is missing prom, graduation, games, plays, etc. You know what will happen, right? They will have Make Up Proms in cities and tons of parties. It’s not the same, but if you could Make Up For It… Trips, cruise, Disney Land, Broadway shows, catered Events, etc. it will feel a little better.



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