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    I love writing and I felt I was pretty good at it.

    I submitted my article to a website a few months back. Of course there were some mistakes when it was getting edited. But when I checked the feedback form by the editor(the editor didn’t know I had access to it), I found that my article was extremely bad. Terrible in fact. I couldn’t help but cry seeing those remarks. I feel very unmotivated to write anything again because I fear it might turn out as bad as this one…I’m feeling awful right now, having faced the fact that I’m a terrible author…Should I write another article knowing that it might turn out as bad as this?


    Hi Sputnik

    Before Sputnik reach orbit their was were a lot of disappointing misses. Your name then answers your question. Yes, keep trying, learning, growing and one day…

    I think writing is one of those things that requires perseverance. A great profession or hobby where one can practice the art of detachment. You are are not defined by what anyone thinks about your writing.  Write, have fun, experiment, take classes, talk to other authors, get feedback, learn, grow, learn, grow.

    A few years back I talked to a author  Kathryn Craft  who wrote ‘The Art of Falling’ I believe took here 19 years to complete. Her process involved workshopping with a group of like minded people who wanted to write.

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    Dear Sputnik:

    I found that my article was extremely bad. Terrible in fact“- maybe it was not terrible. I am curious to read it and give you my opinion about your writing. If you would like to, you are welcome to copy and paste any part of your article here and I will let you know what I think about it (I will be kind and honest!)




    no one get good in the first time, i suggest you expect being terrible, and that you do it anyway, because “i love writing” 


    Being terrible shouldn’t discourag you because you don’t do it because you good, you do it because you love it, right?

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