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    I think the Buddhist movement should find a way to teach others how to prevent suffering and reach nirvana; especially children at an early age so they won't have to suffer so much to learn otherwise we as human kind seize to evolve and allow       suffering for future generations due to negligence.  I suggest Buddhist monks with the great discipline that they have to use that energy and focus to change others into becoming good moral people as well, not people who sit around and wait for a donation but people who take active initiative to change the world.
    What should be taught is why we must live righteous and ethical lives so the world can reach world peace, unification, and understanding.  This needs to be simple yet detailed enough for even children to understand.
    Also sitting around meditating all day isn't benefiting anyone but your own peace of mind, if you are capable of work (any mental or physical effort) that will benefit society in a positive way you should do so.  I don't think Gautama Siddhartha intended for anyone to copy him sitting at the tree seeking the truth of life when he passed his hypothesis of the laws of “Karma” and “Reincarnation”.  I'm pretty sure his intention was for Buddhists to work together to make the world a better place, not sit around trying to figure out more truth of the cosmic universe.


    On another note I'd like to add my objections to the key principles of Buddhism:

    1)  I disagree with the law of reincarnation; I believe Siddhartha meant reincarnation as in a rebirth of the soul or spirit or new soul and spirit within the same flesh.  For instance if we are not understanding of the way one person's soul is than we as world shall get reborn spiritually in the same flesh, otherwise there is no true understanding because we are born without memory of a past life and for that some of us will die wondering why we suffered so much more than others.

    2)  I disagree with karma because it does not explain why some children are born suffering and others are born blessed, if we apply the law of reincarnation into the equation it still leaves the fact that we are born with no memory of the past life.  If one has no memory of it's mistakes but is suffering to learn mistakes that it has no recollection of making, what does one learn or understand besides that this world is unjust?  Being that somethings in this world are created so perfectly, including the human body and it's functions for survival, to have something like karma as a law does not sound reasonable at all.

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