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    hello, i’ve been watching and reading all sort of advices about getting your ex back or whatever that has the same topic as this. I’ve given myself a thought before sending you this and I hope I can get some answers.. Whether its good or bad, I’m ready to accept it.

    Moving onto my problem. We’ve been in a LDR for 2 years.At first we were very happy, i can express anything, my worries my problem etc and he always be there to comfort me and discuss things together. We met in an online game. As our relationship grows, we take things slowly from chatting to call then to video call. But as days goes on, he’s getting busy and sometimes he rejected me if i wanna call him saying he’s tired. I kinda understood so I never call him ever since that and only wait for him to call me whenever he’s free from works.

    i know part of our relationship problem was my fault too ’cause i constantly overthinking things but not to the point of thinking he’s cheating on me. I really trust this man wholeheartedly. I’ve limit my social and focused only him ’cause he once said he feel jealous when other guys chatting with me in game. But as time goes on, I find myself feeling neglected whenever he chatted with others. I also discovered that I’ve been having depression ’cause I hurt myself whenever I feel frustrated(but i stopped doing this). I tried to talk with him about my depression, but most of the time he cut me off before I could even finish talking. I know he’s comforting me with his own way by struck me with the truth.

    This depression led us to our first breakup. It was mutual breakup. I told him to block me so I couldnt reach him whenever I feel regret. I thought I can be strong but turned out I wasnt, so I messaged him back in game(since he cant block mail) two days after the break up. After some talks, we got back together in December last year. We were happy but we had into big fight again, then he blocked me. We still can talk in game using mail, he said he need some space so I did. We back on track again on Christmas until we had a big fight again last month(march). He blocked me again and still hasnt unblock me until now.

    He did said he’ll be busy on april because his cousin will visit him. So I tried to endure this blocking phase again by just thinking he’s busy. But I don’t know if he would unblock me again. I have 2 fb accounts, he fully blocked my other fb but only blocked messagging on the one im using right now. We have other messagging app too(discord) but he didnt block me there. I tried sending him message on our 3rd week of no contact but no respond. I deleted the message i sent because i dont wanna look stupid. Right now I don’t know what our status are ’cause he didnt clear up things before ghosting me. I’m also confused too whether I should wait or not.

    So my question, after reading this message, what do you think? In my situation right now, will he contact me back?

    Thank you in advance.


    Dear bwakebulleo:

    He partially blocked you last month and didn’t respond to  one message you sent him recently. I would say that it is possible that he will unblock you and communicate with you further. It has only been a month of part- blocking, not the complete blocking of you everywhere, and people tend to reconsider contact if and when they feel lonely or bored.

    It would be a waste of your time though to wait and wait for a troubled LDR to resume. I suppose it was better-than-nothing for you, but I sure hope there is something way better for you and closer to you, not long distance.



    Dear Bwakebulleo,

    Have you ever met this guy in person? Face to face?

    Like Anita says above, why wait if the ‘relationship’ is a troubled one? I use the quotation marks for ‘relationship’ for a good reason here. All you have, in reality (assuming you have never met in person) is a virtual relationship. It’s a relationship of sorts, an on-line friendship maybe, but it can never replace a closer relationship with someone you have met face to face.

    with best wishes



    Hi Bwakebulleo,

    Real 3-D relationships trump 2-D relationships hands down. Although I get the allure! (Trust me LOL)

    I would view him as an online hobby. Relationship training wheels.

    Let him have you blocked. Let him do the unblocking. You won’t care. You will be in a real relationship. One day? Someday??





    I echo everyone else’s observations in how better off you will be in focusing with in person relationships, friends and romantic ones.  Do you have activities/hobbies to occupy yourself?  Do you have in person friends?

    Move on and focus on engaging with people closer by.


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