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    Hannah Braime

    Hey everyone,

    I’m currently travelling around Mexico and I’m having a blast. Instead of spending a few days in each place, my partner and I are spending about a month in each location. This has worked very well for us, as we’re both working on our own projects and prefer the feeling of living somewhere rather than just passing through. The purpose of this trip was to see more of Mexico and South America while escaping the UK winter. While we’ve been here, we’ve started thinking what it might be like to do this over the long term and become semi-permanent tourists. We’ve been talking about spending three or four months in each place, then moving on.

    Does anyone have any experience with this or a similar set-up? I’d love the hear your thoughts!

    Lori Deschene

    That sounds awesome Hannah! My boyfriend and I are about to do something similar. We’re going to spend one month in Rome, Paris, and Greece. I’ve told him before that I’d love to spend the next few years living short-term in different places. For the US, I’d want to do New Orleans and NYC–the second because I’d like to experience Manhattan again now I’m in a much healthier place mentally. (I lived there in my mid-twenties.) Since we haven’t started our adventures yet, I don’t have much else to share. Just thought I’d chime in and wish you lots of fun on your adventures!

    Tyler Tervooren

    I do a lot of traveling, Hannah, but actually prefer to do the opposite: short stays in many places. Sorry I can’t be of personal help, but there are approx. 48573485347865 travel bloggers who talk about this kind of travel every single day.

    A few good ones off the top of my head:

    • nomadicmatt.com
    • legalnomads.com
    • wanderingearl.com

    So many others…

    Kate Britt

    My good friends Alison & Don are an amazing example for this topic. Nearly 2 years ago, they sold everything they owned, packed 2 suitcases & 2 backpacks, and became nomads. They are literally homeless, instead calling each stay-place home. Their blog is so rich with their experiences and photos, so I have to brag on it! I’ll give you the link below. When you visit, click especially on “The Nomadic Life” topics… they began that sub-category when I suggested readers like me would enjoy reading about their personal feelings and growth experiences as a result of their travelling. Amazingly aware and enlightened, they tell some very close-to-the-soul stories to go with the other “travelogue” posts.

    Tell them I sent you!

    Sheila McCann

    That sounds amazing!  I would love to do this when my kids are finished with school (but we have years to go) .  Sell everything and take a year living in different places.


    Enjoy!  Rome Paris and Greece – great trio : )

    Hannah Braime

    Thanks for the replies everyone!

    – Wow, that sounds amazing! Paris and Rome are both beautiful. I hope you have a fantastic time 🙂

    – Thanks for the links, I look forward to checking them out.

    – Thanks for the link to your friends’ blog. I admire their bravery and will definitely take a look at their site.

    – How would you feel about doing that with your kids? I don’t have kids myself so I’m not sure if it’s practical or something you’d want to do, but I’ve read about other people doing it as a family.

    Sheila McCann

    @Hannah   Believe me we’ve thought about it but they’re really thriving in their schools and my son (9 years) in particular often states he never wants to leave his great life.  So for now we just watch house hunters international and fantasize  : )

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